BREAKING: President Obama's Brother, Malik Releases His Brother's KENYAN Birth Certificate

BREAKING Malik Obama Tweets His Brother’s KENYAN Birth Certificate

Barack’s brother, Malik Obama is a Trump supporter and he has just UNLEASHED A GIANT!

On March 9, 2017 Malik Obama tweeted out an image of a KENYAN Birth Certificate displaying “Barack Hussein Obama” and his birth date. Could it be true?

Were we duped all along by THIS FRAUD, Barry Satoro? I think so. I have always thought so. READ MORE BELOW! …


  1. Obama didn’t supply a birth certificate his first few years in office
  2. When he finally did supply one, it was proven to be a fake
  3. Yet the mainstream media lied and deceived about it. the American people were duped yet again.
  4. IN December 2016, Sheriff Joe Arpaio concluded a long investigation into Obama’s birth certificate, He presented irrefutable evidence that the birth certificate Obama presented was a FAKE!
  5. It still got swept under the rug somehow?
  6. Now Obama’s brother, Malik Obama just tweeted a KENYAN BIRTH CERTIFICATE FOR OBAMA!
  7. Will it get swept under the rug again?


UPDATE: Many outlets are claiming that this birth certificate is forged. Considering all the muslims Obarry let in on American soil, we’ll let YOU decide if he’s an Islamist, HUH?





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