We Don’t Negotiate With Terrorists


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We Don’t Negotiate With Terrorists

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brought to you by Patriot Vigilante:

Patriot Vigilante is proud to present tonight’s edition of the Bullet News. We’re committed to showing you the truth in a World consumed by lies…

A particular news clip after the Paris attacks of November 2015 showed a father and his son coming to one of the sites of the shootings to light some candles. The boy was interviewed and, although his critical thinking hit the nail on the head, his father coerced him into thinking flowers and goodness can stop anything — rather than teaching his child true evil doesn’t respond to flowers. Sad when people can’t recognize evil for what it is.

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In case of a terrorist attack, the only thought you’ll have is of survival, and there’s steps you can take to maximize your chances of getting out alive in the face of evil.

Avoid bad neighborhoods. The higher the crime rate, the more likely it is you’ll end up in a conflict with one of them. Whether or not you have a gun yourself, stay safe and avoid taking any chances. As preppers, we’re advised to move to the suburbs and distant smaller towns, but you have to do your homework before you actually do it.

If you’re going to a concert or to the theater, be aware of all the exits and keep an eye out on who’s entering the venue. Make sure you get seats as close as possible to one or more evacuation routes. Also, make sure there’s nothing standing between you and those exit routes.

When in a crowded square or city park, avoid sitting next to containers that may have bombs in them, such as trash cans, janitor carts, or laundry carts. I know this may seem a little far-fetched but it’s worth remembering in case your town or city will end up in a state of emergency.

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Be wary of Muslims. No, I’m not trying to be racist, I know very well there are plenty of nice people with their beliefs in Allah (though a bit misguided), I’m just trying to increase your chances of survival here. This doesn’t mean you have to start running every time you see a burka. You have to learn to read people by analyzing their facial expressions and their movements. You should also be wary of Muslims with babies strapped to their chests. Is the baby real or does it look like a doll? Remember, that might not be a baby in that baby carrier — it might be a bomb packed with shrapnel or worse.

If you hear gun shots, don’t panic. There should only be one thing on your mind, escape. Run and run fast, forget everyone else except your spouse and kids.

If you’ve been shot and there’s no escape, prepare to “play dead.” This might be the thing that saves your life. Though some attackers have put bullets into bodies that have already been shot, there may be too much chaos going on for an attacker to notice you on the ground and not every attacker is likely to take that step. Besides, a smart attacker may not want to waste bullets on bodies that look dead when there are plenty of other live people to go for still; but if you’ve been shot, and you can still make a run for it, make that run if you see a path of escape.

Learn to hide — some venues for an attack may offer a variety of possible hiding places if you’re quick on your feet. (This is something you can practice with your kids, particularly since they’re small and can hide better than you.)

Practice your shooting skills — and then be mentally ready and alert to stop a terrorist in his or her tracks. Even if you don’t carry or can’t have a gun, you should still practice shooting. What if you end up getting a gun out of the hands of a terrorist, would you be able to use it?
The Whole Truth And Nothing But The Truth,

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Jonathan Chambers
Patriot Vigilante
P.S. If there’s an emergency, such as a gun-wielding maniac in a shopping mall, do you want to be remembered as the guy who stood there and did nothing?

What’s more, most people DIE in emergencies precisely because they did nothing. You must not freeze up.

Here’s how to keep from being “that guy.”


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