5 People With Real Superpowers Caught on Tape, Is This Real?

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5 People With Real Superpowers Caught on Tape, Is This Real?

by Curtis R Bizelli | Watchman of The End Times | Eternal Affairs Media

I’ll admit, as much as I like a good conspiracy theory like the next person, some are just hard to grasp. I DO NOT believe the earth is flat and I DO NOT believe Miley Cyrus is a boy, HOWEVER … I do believe in angels and demons. It speaks about them in The Bible. I think some spirits are good and some are bad.

Being as skeptical as I was while viewing this video I found on youtube tonight, I soon found myself open to the possibility that these people with Superhuman powers live among us.

But not just that, actually found it quite reassuring.

Check it out here and let me know what you think:

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