In Memory of Lives Lost: The 46+ Bodies Surrounding The Clinton Foundation Cover-up

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In Memory of Lives Lost: The 46+ Bodies Surrounding The Clinton Foundation Cover-up

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This is not speculation and this is not editorial. This should not be taken as a “conspiracy theory” nor taken lightly. These deaths are recorded and based on fact that each one had a close connection to The Clinton Foundation. People are talking about this around the world, but the Liberal Media (that is owned by these same corrupt elitists) are twisting and spinning to DECEIVE!


You know what The Holy Bible says, “steal, kill, destroy”. (see Alex Jones’ video when he infiltrated The Bohemian Grove with Global Elites worship Satan gods).



You can visit the links below or the sources at the bottom of the piece, in order to read A LOT more at the original source in related to HOW these individuals died, HOW they were connected The Clintons and Much More! … This website is constantly under attack because the elitists are afraid of the truth powered by The TRUTH (Jesus Christ!!!).




Don Adams, Attorney

DIED Jan 7, 1997


John Ashe, Former UN General Assembly President

DIED June 22, 2016


Robert Bates, Barry Seal’s Aircraft Mechanic

DIED March 29, 1995


Gandy Baugh, Attorney

DIED Jan 8, 1994


Admiral Jeremy Boorda, Chief of Naval Operations

DIED May 16, 1996


Ron Brown, Former Chairman, DNC; Commerce Secretary

DIED May 3, 1996


James Bunch, Influential Texan

Exact date of death unknown


Eric Butera, Witness

DIED Dec 4, 1997


Caetano Carani, Witness to a shooting near the White House

DIED Nov 11, 1994


Danny Casolaro, Journalist

DIED Aug 10, 1991


Berta Caceres, Human Rights Activist

DIED March 3, 2016


William Colby, Director of Central Intelligence (ret)

DIED April 27(?), 1996


Suzanne Coleman, had affair with Clinton

DIED Feb 15, 1977


Gregory Collins, Witness to the Train Deaths

DIED Jan 1989


Keith Coney (or Koney), Witness to Train Deaths

DIED May 1988


L.J. Davis, Reporter investigating Clinton scandals

DIED ???


David Drye, connected to Jeremiah Films” owner (which produces videos such as The Clinton Chronicles)

DIED Aug 1999


Daniel A. Dutko, C-chairman of Leadership 2000

DIED July 27, 1999


Five Navy aviators, Cinton bodyguards/escorts (names not determined)

DIED March 26, 1993


Herschell Friday, Attorney and Clinton fund raiser

DIED March 1, 1994


Vincent Foster, Deputy White House Counsel

DIED July 20, 1993


Aldo Franscoia, Secret Service Agent

Cpt. Kevin N. Earnest, Aircraft Commander

Cpt. Kimberly Jo Wielhouwer, Pilot

2Lt. Benjamin T. Hall, Navigator

SSgt. Michael J. Smith Jr., Loadmaster

Sr. Airman Rick L. Merritt, Flight Engineer

SSgt, Michael R. York, Loadmaster

Sr. Airman Billy R. Ogston, Crew Chief

Airman Thomas A. Stevens, Loadmaster

ALL DIED Aug 18, 1996

Four Marine Pilots, Marine ONE Pres. Hilicopter Pilots

DIED April 8, 2000


Kathy Ferguson, Witness

DIED May 10, 1994


Duane Garrett, Radio host and Al Gore fund raiser

DIED July 26, 1995


Cpl Eric S. Fox, Crewman for Marine One, the Pres. Helicopter

DIED March 22, 1999


Carlos Ghigliotti, Thermal Imaging Expert

DIED April 28, 2000


Judi Gibbs, Penthouse Model, and call girl

DIED Jan 3, 1986


Paula Grober, Clinton’s speech interpreter for the deaf.

DIED Dec 9, 1992


Staff Sgt. Brian Haney

Marine Sgt. Time Sabel

Maj. William Barkley

Capt. Scott Reynolds

Clinton Bodyuards, ALL DIED May 19, 1993


Michael Hastings, Journalist for Rolling Stone

DIED June 18, 2013


Stanley Heard, Chairman, National Chiropractic Health Care Advisory Committee

undisclosed death date


Steve Dickson, Counsel to Mr. Heard

DIED Sept 10, 1993


John Hillyer, NBC and Freelance Cameraman

Died 1996


Stanley Huggins, Partner in Memphis Law Firm

DIED June 23, 1994


Sandy Hume, Journalist

DIED Feb 2, 1998


Kevin Ives & Don Henry, Witnesses

DIED Aug 23, 1987


Gary Johnson, Witness

DIED June 26, 1992


John Jones, Julian Assange’s Lawyer

DIED April 18, 2016


John F. Kennedy Jr., Potential Candidate for Senator from New York

DIED July 16, 1999


Jordan Kettleson, Witness to the Train Deaths

DIED June 1990


Johnny Franklin Lawhon, Jr., Witness

DIED March 29, 1998


Shawn Lucas, Attorney

DIED Aug 2, 2016


Mary ‘Caity” Mahoney, White House Intern

DIED July 6, 1997


Lt. General David J. McCloud, Commander of Alaskan Command, 11th Air Force, and the Alaskan North AMerican Aerospace Defense Command Region, headquartered at Elemdorf Air Force Base, Alaska

DIED July 26, 1998


Christine M. Mirzayan, White House Intern

DIED Aug 1, 1998


Florence Martin, Accountant subcontracting to CIA

Gordon Matteson, Clinton associate

DIED May 15, 1997


James McDougal, Crook

DIED March 8, 1998


Keith McKaskle, Witness to the Train Deaths

DIED Nov. 10, 1988


Charles Meissner, Asst Secretary of Commerce for International Economic Policy

DIED May 3, 1996


James “Dewey” Milam, Witness to Mena drug operation and Henry/Ives murders

DIED 1989


Charles Wilbourne Miller, Vice President and Board Member for Alltel

DIED Jan 12, 1999


Ron Miller, Witness

DIED Oct. 12, 1997


John Millis, Staff Director of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence Committee

DIED June 4, 2000


Joe Montano, Chairman DNC (before Debbis Wasserman Shultz) and Regional Direcctor for Tim Kaine

DIED July 25, 2016


Neil Moody

DIED Aug. 25, 1996


Tony Moser, Anti-Corruption Journalist

DIED June 10, 2000


Larry Nichols, Former official at ADFA and author of “The Clinton Chronicles”

Undisclosed death death


Paul Olson, Federal witness in investigations to drug money corruption in Chicago politics

DIED Sept 3, 1994


Jerry Luther Parks, Head of Clinton’s Gubernatorial security team in Little Rock

DIED Sept 26, 1993


Dennis Patrick, Court clerk

Undisclosed death date


Victor Raiser II, National Finance Co-Chairman, Clinton for President Campaign

Undisclosed death date


Montgomery Raiser, Son of C. Victor Raiser II

DIED July 30, 1992


Seth Conrad Rich, DNC Voter Expansion Data Director

DIED July 10, 2016


Jeff Rhodes, Witness in the Train Deaths

DIED April 1989


Maj. Gen. William Robertson, Deputy Commanding General, V Corps, Europe

Col. William Densberger, V Corps Chief of Operations and Plans

Col. Robert Kelly, V Corps Chief of Intelligence

Spec. Gary Rhodes, Crew Chief

ALL DIED Feb. 23, 1993


Dr. Ronald Rogers, Dentist from Arkansas

Undisclosed death date


Charles Ruff, Clinton Lawyer

DIED Nov. 20, 2000


Col. James Sabow

DIED 1991


Walter Scheib, Clinton White House Chef.

DIED June 13, 2015


Tom Schweich, Waco Investigator and candidate for governor

DIED Feb 26, 2013


Barry Seal, CIA drug pilot

DIED Feb 19, 1986


Bill Shelton, Arkansas State Trooper and Fiancee of Kathy Ferguson

DIED June 1994


Victor Thorn, Independence Journalist

DIED Aug 1, 2016


Paul Tully, Democratic National Committee Political Director

DIED Sept 24, 1992


Jon Parnell Walker, RTC Investigator

DIED Aug 15, 1993


Calvin Walraven, Drug witness

Undisclosed death date


Gary Webb, Journalist

DIED Dec 10, 2004


Maynard Webb, Mena airport witness

Undisclosed death date


Russel Welch, infected with military grade anthrax

Undisclosed death date


Alan G Whicher, Oversaw Clinton’s Secret Service detail.

DIED April 19, 1985


Paul Wilcher, Washington attorney investigating gun running out of Mena, Arkansas

DIED June 22, 1993


Ed Willey, Real Estate Attorney, Clinton Fund Raiser

DIED Nov 30, 1993


Gareth Williams, M16 Agent

DIED Aug 16, 2010


John Augustus Wilson, Former Washington DC Council member

DIED May 18, 1993


Jim Wilhite, Vice Chairman, Arkla, Inc.

DIED Dec 21, 1992


Theodore Williams, Jr., Bettie Currie’s brother

DIED Dec. 16, 1997


Steve Willis

Robert Williams

Conway LeBleu

Todd McKeehan

Clinton Bodyguards, ALL DIED Feb 28, 1993


Barbara Wise, Commerce Dept. Staffer

DIED Nov. 29, 1996


Richard Winters, Suspect in the deaths of Ives & Henry

DIED July 1989


Terrance Yeakey, First police officer to arrive at the Murrah Building following the OK City bombing

DIED May 8, 1996


Sadly, the list goes on …. it keeps growing and growing as “People Speak Out Against Them” …

(Editor’s Note: Our list at this site will NOT be maintained)

READ A LOT MORE INCLUDING cause of assumed death and connection with The Clintons at OUR SOURCE:


Additional Sources:


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