Dept of Homeland Security Releases Statement Regarding Security of 2020 Elections


DHS Press Release: Joint Statement from DOJ, DOD, DHS, DNI, FBI, NSA, and CISA on Ensuring Security of 2020 Elections

A New DHS for a New Age: Sec Nielsen Delivers Address on State of Homeland Security

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Share Tweet Share Share Share Share ShareA New DHS for a New Age: Sec Nielsen Delivers Address on State of Homeland Security March 18, 2019: A New DHS for a New Age Secretary Nielsen Delivers […]

Border Patrol News: Rape & Sexual Assault Charges & More …

CBP Officer HID.2, courtesy CBP Hidalgo

Twice removed Mexican national sentenced to 57 months in federal court, following a New York state conviction for rape

(Washington) What Did Homeland Security Do To Prepare For Election Day?


Joint Statement on Election Day Preparations – Washington D.C. … read more here …

Homeland Security Warns of Cartels’ Role in Migrant Caravan


Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen warned Sunday that the illegal immigrant caravan heading toward the U.S. could be exploited

Trump Just Offered Sheriff Clarke Position With DHS and He Accepted


Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke said that he is accepting an appointment by President Donald Trump to a deputy secretary position

When Security Gets A Little Too Secure (via Huffington Post)

Four U.S. citizens were erroneously arrested in Southern California recently through the federal immigration enforcement program called Secure Communities, the American Civil Liberties Union said Wednesday.