Facebook Created Censorship Portal for Federal Government to Request Takedowns of Web Content


Documents have revealed a formalized process for government agents to flag content on Facebook for moderation and takedowns …

Social Security Recipients to See Biggest Cost of Living Increase Since 1981


Cost-of-living increase to benefit about 70M Americans receiving Social Security … comes as the national debt tops $31 trillion …

The FBI Is Sued For Withholding Facebook Censorship Records


The FBI has been sued for withholding records of communications with Facebook about the Hunter Biden laptop story …

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‘The Follies of the Fed! Also, What’s in a Name?’ on POLITICALLY INCORRECT w/Host Andrew Shecktor ~ EA Truth Radio

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This is Andy’s LIVE Show from Thursday, September 22, 2022 … Thank you for tuning in & helping to KEEP THE TRUTH ONLINE!

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BREAKING: The Federal Reserve Is Fixing To Ruin The Economy


The Federal Reserve said the economy is looking good, and should only get better.