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Tucker Carlson Exposes The Truth – Obama Is Gay


Michelle Obama wrote a book titled “Becoming” … Becoming What? a WOMAN? … They PUT IT RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOUR FACE!

Michelle Obama’s Juice Drink Comes Under Scrutiny, Puts Wealth Above Health of Children


Obama announced the launch of PLEZi , new healthy food and beverage company, last week … puts wealth above health of children, some critics say …

Twitter Files Reveal Secret Blacklists and Shadow-Banning of Conservatives and Truth Speakers


It is now a proven fact that Twitter engaged in direct election interference on multiple occasions … Read More Here …

Demons Beg for Forgiveness After Destroying the Lives of Millions

chuck & nancy border wall 6 flags white house - vox-com

Democrats are begging for covid amnesty because they got caught … But they have no remorse, and they aren’t sorry. They are evil!

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Merriam-Webster Alters Definition Of Female To Be More Inclusive


The world leader in defining the words of the English language subtly changed the definition to cater to the woke-leaning crowd …

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