SAD: Only 10% of Millennials & 1/2 of Churchgoers Know About The Great Commission


The Great Commission Is Any Christian’s #1 Calling yet Most Don’t Even Know What It is …

SAD: Only 10% of Millennials & 1/2 of Churchgoers Know About The Great Commission

Mike Leake with Bible Study Tools writes:


I stumbled upon a statistic the other day that was a little shocking to me, but let me set it up for you so you can share in my shock. Millennials are known for activism. You can see this reflected in the shift that has taken place with many Fortune 500 companies. Even as early as the 1980’s it would have seemed strange to ask a company about their larger purpose in the world. It was simple. They were there to make money. But today a company cannot say they are only there to make money, they need to have a great purpose tied to some level of activism in changing the world.

To a millennial, an organization needs to know it’s greater purpose and be living out of that purpose. Ready for the shocking statistic? Only 10% of millennials recognize the Great Commission. But it’s not only millennials. A recent study found that over half of churchgoers did not know the Great Commission.

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Perhaps you are one of the 51% of people, and you’ve heard that phrase but aren’t quite sure what it means, or why a Christian should care about this Great Commission. If that’s you, then hopefully by the end you not only know about the Great Commission, but you’re encouraged to live out this calling upon your life.

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