Ivana Trump’s Cause of Death Released, Died as a Result of “Blunt Impact Injuries to Torso”


Ivana Trump died Thursday after a fall that resulted in blunt impact injuries to the torso, the New York City Office of Chief Medical Examiner said …

Famine Near? Giant Swarms of Locusts Devour Crops and Ravage Livestock Feed Across Russia


In the Russian Krasnodar Krai, a giant plague of locusts is destroying crops of the Primorsko-Akhtar region on the Black Sea …

Hunter Biden Laptop Details Dozens of ‘Business’ Meetings With VP Dad Joe


According to the report, materials gleaned from Hunter Biden’s laptop show more than 30 meetings between then-Vice President Biden and his son …

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House Democrats Moving on ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban: Targets at Least 45 Specific AR-15 Rifles


The House Judiciary Committee will be moving on an “assault weapons” ban bill that targets at least 45 specific AR-15 rifles and …

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Max Lucado Encouraging Word: Indeed, Grace Was Offered Before Man Was Created


Must not see grace as a provision made after the law had failed. Grace was offered before the law was revealed. Indeed, grace was offered before man