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You May Have Missed This Secret WHO Meeting Last Week


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You May Have Missed This Secret WHO Meeting Last Week Where Biden Wanted To Hand Over Sovereignty of The United States to Globalist Powers

What Happened Last Week at This Secret WHO Meeting?

by Morris Muthama | Staff Writer | Eternal Affairs Media


Since the onset of the COVID-19 scamdemic, oh sorry, pandemic, the World Health Organization has proven to be irredeemably corrupt, and incapable of living up to the expectations of the world. From being a much-respected international body, the WHO has plunged itself into a shame of international proportion by reducing itself to a mere tool in the hands of a few wicked men to wield control over the world and execute their evil agenda. The 72-year-old organization has in the past been credited for some positive achievements, some of which include the eradication of smallpox, and a myriad of other lethal pathologies such as river blindness, and leprosy. The record has however mutated perpetually and progressively into an avenue for the organization’s shame and has made the world admire the old days when WHO could be trusted. The organization used COVID- 19 to strip independent nations of their sovereignty and impose mask and vaccine mandates on people, all in disregard to the basic human rights encapsulated in most constitutions governing modern democracies.

Anywhere you hear an activity involving the WHO, a sense of fear concerning the resolutions that might be drawn engulfs you. The name itself evokes uncertainty, and fear since the inception of the countless unscientific mandates the organization imposed on people through puppet governments. This year, the World Health Assembly is about to convene a meeting in Geneva, to be attended by 194 member states whose agenda seems to be sinister. The pivotal focus of the meeting is “Health for Peace, Peace for Health.” The technocrats running this international body are shrewd men who seem to have mastered the art of harnessing the fear created by the global tensions, and events to wield control over nations. Furthermore, the pandemic has been amplified to make it the sole cause of all existing social and economic phenomena, even if they had been resolved long before the announcement of the first case of the Wuhan virus. Recently,  Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, WHO Director-General opined that, “The pandemic has undermined progress towards the health-related targets in Sustainable Development Goals and laid bare inequities within and between countries,” and despite this acknowledgment, none within the WHO is willing to propose new mechanisms of handling the negative phenomena attributed to the global pandemic, but all the methodologies being fronted are the same draconian approaches that have plunged people into deeper suffering, fear, and uncertainty.

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Dr Margaret Chan, WHO Director-General addresses during the 67th World Health Assembly, Palais des Nations, Geneva. Monday 19 May 2014. Photo by Violaine Martin

Part of the agenda that this Geneva meeting is handling encompasses beefing up the organization’s response capability to a health crisis. The precedence set by the organization concerning the mechanisms it has considered as feasible response approaches to health problems is a warning in itself. Definity, the resolutions that will come from the meeting, in the guise of establishing workable response mechanisms to combat global health risks will still target the sovereignty of its member states. We are living in days when WHO recommendations veto the stringent dictates encapsulated in mighty constitutions. We are living in days when autocracy is given the face of science and imposed on a free people. The Geneva convention, in my honest opinion, will have negative implications on the member states. The WHO has proven to be an organization capable of wrenching the world order, by claiming to have a monopoly on science, and harnessing its machinery to perpetrate evil. We should therefore be warned of the impending dark days when an organization that sponsors the establishment of unscientific mask mandates holds a meeting in Geneva.

We should feel afraid for our democracies when an organization that imposes mask mandates on people holds a meeting in Geneva. Even more, when the theme of such an organization is crafted to state that it meets to deliberate on the mechanisms to use to beef up health emergency response mechanisms, we should be more careful. We ought to confront reality as it is. This organization has in the past stripped us of our basic rights, and if Thomas Jefferson was to wake up, he would feel devastated that in the 21st century, his declaration, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness…” has been contravened with sheer impunity.

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The need for global prayer has never been more urgent than it is in these days. This is a call for us to pray that our liberty will not be usurped from us by autocrats who have borrowed a medical voice to use it as a camouflaging tool. We ought to be concerned about the proceedings in Geneva, and rise up to the occasion, reject the subjugation of our rights, oppose the organization’s intrusion into the sovereignty of nations, and secure an independent world. A place where all people, in tandem with the ideology espoused in the Universal Declaration of Independence can pursue happiness without being subjected to mask mandates, and the wearing of muzzles.

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