Pro Life vs. Pro Abortion: You Can’t Be Both

The Wider Image: New mother on migrant caravan hopes Trump's heart softens

The discourse has been anchored upon the imperatives of morality, political correctness, and religious faith, among a myriad …

You May Have Missed This Secret WHO Meeting Last Week


You May Have Missed This Secret WHO Meeting Last Week Where Biden Wanted To Hand Over Sovereignty of The United States to Globalist Powers

The Most Beautiful Love Story Rarely Told …


Finally, there is one dimension of love which is pure and perfect, and can be incorporated in Valentine’s Day .. read more!

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Do We Have Reliable Prophetic Voices In Our Day & Time? Who Do We Believe?


… do not speak from the realm of the mortals, their voices echo from the secret place, and are projected across the lands with an angelic backing

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If MLK Jr. Was Alive Today, He Wouldn’t Be A Democrat


MLK Jr. Must Be Turning In His Grave … would not be comfortable seeing the assault on Americanism by the Democrats …