Maryland Legislators Advance Act Legalizing Infant Murder


They did the same thing in Jesus’ day. Just saying!

Maryland Legislators Advance Act Legalizing Infant Murder

IFA Pray reports:

Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on us. Have mercy on the state of Maryland. Stop this horrific legislation that will result in the killing of babies. May our laws not call good evil, and evil good.

Thanks to IFA prayers, the March 11th and March 15th Maryland General Assembly Senate hearings to advance the so-called Pregnant Person’s Protection Act/HB0626, a Democrat measure to legalize the murder of babies through the perinatal period, were canceled. Unfortunately, it has not been withdrawn. What this generally means is that the sponsors will finesse the wording or hold it until a more opportune time.

However, the powers behind expanding abortion are cunning and unrelenting. The same day that the Senate was scheduled to hear HB0626, the Democrat-led House Chamber of Maryland passed two correlating pro-infanticide bills. These measures were sponsored and passed despite Maryland already being regarded as ‘friendly’ by the radical population control, pro-death Guttmacher Institute. Consequently, by a vote of 89 – 47, Maryland’s Democrat House Legislators advanced The Abortion Care Access Act HB0937/SB0890 along with a second Constitutional Referendum measure, Declaration of Rights – Reproductive Liberty/HB1171 by a 93 – 42 vote. If the majority of Maryland voters indicate yes for this Declaration of Rights, not only won’t the Dobbs v. Mississippi SCOTUS outcome matter for Marylanders, abortion access and taxpayer mandates for funding will expand. Together, these two measures have advanced what one pro-life legislator described as an all-out assault on babies and what another pro-life legislator described as Maryland’s march toward being one of the most unsafe places for pre-born babies in America.

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They did the same thing in Jesus’ day. Just saying!

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