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Superbowl Human Trafficking: Do Something! What Can You Do About Human Trafficking Today?


We are approaching the Superbowl–the number one human trafficking event in our nation … Read More & Act NOW!

Not So Fast: Satanic Temple Planning World’s Largest Satanic Gathering…


I think God really protected Scottsdale and showed up in a big way at this evil event … The theme means “Witches’ Night.”

Will Congress Say ‘Nevermind’ to Religious Freedom?


For 37 brave men and women, it was. For 12 others, it was a clear sign that this new chapter of GOP fearlessness does …

More Evidence of How the Pandemic Hurt Children


Fourth- and eighth-graders fell behind in reading and had the largest ever decline in math, according to a national educational assessment …

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Yes Literally – A Satanist Is Biden’s Newest Hire


Biden’s new Monkeypox Response Deputy Coordinator, has a long and alarming history of satanic interests and involvement …

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