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Prophetic Word: The Lord Says, ‘These Are the Days of Recovery’


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This Is Your ‘Return’ and ‘Rediscover’ Season—Everything Has to Change

Prophetic Word: The Lord Says, ‘These Are the Days of Recovery’

Nate Johnston with Charisma Magazine prophesies:

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I heard the Lord say, “These are the days of recovery. Yes, these are the days of refreshing. These are the days I am turning back the clock on your life and restoring what was lost. These are the days of taking back the ground that fell out from underneath your feet. These are the days of going back to go forward—the cutting away to unveil the new.”

To Those Stuck in the In-Between

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“For many have been stuck in the in-between, after the last chapter, but not quite able to enter the new because their hearts are still feeling flat and their minds fractured, I am resurrecting them right now. I am visiting them like the early days, when My presence would come in the early hours and cause their spirit to burn with delight…back when they felt the joy and infinite possibilities, and hadn’t yet tasted the pain of betrayal, the arrows of slander and the disappointment of contended promises.”

This Is Your ‘Return’ and ‘Rediscover’ Season—Everything Has to Change

“These are the days of returning back to before the battle began. I am taking them back to before the first horn blast and the first cannon fire, before their first wound and the first seed of trauma came in. This is a ‘return’ and ‘rediscover’ season. Everything has to change. Clothes are changing. Shoes are changing. Roles are changing. Priorities are changing. Glasses are changing—you need to step out of the last scene and start seeing.

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