What Ever Happened to Britney Spears? Is She Just a ‘Caged Bird Singing of Better Days’? A Journey Down a DARK Rabbit Hole …


What Ever Happened to Britney Spears? Is She Just a ‘Caged Bird Singing of Better Days’? A Journey Down a DARK Rabbit Hole …

She is not the 40-year-old mom, but forever 27. To her father, Jamie Spears, he would like to keep her as a 12-year-old!

by Evelyn Macleod | Contributor | Eternal Affairs Media

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Britney’s Conservatorship just unveiled modern day slavery in the music industry

Watching Britney Spears is like watching a caged bird, singing of better days. Even though she hasn’t seen them, she holds on to hope … a breeze of freedom blows through and a sunbeam of prospect shines through. That sunbeam is her spotlight; she performs in her home; dancing is her outlet.

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Britney Spears is currently frozen in suspended animation, and she has been for the last 13 years. She is not the 40-year-old mom, but forever 27. To her father, Jamie Spears, he would like to keep her as a 12-year-old!

At least with a prison sentence you know when it will end, but with Conservatorship there may be no end and that’s terrifying. 

California, the state of loose morals … its laws protect predators and punish victims. In 2007 Britney had a very public mental breakdown, which snowballed into opportunists taking advantage of her vulnerability, wealth, and power … hiding their intentions behind her best interests. Britney’s Conservatorship was filed in four states by her father. She has been deemed by the state of California, Florida, Louisiana, and Hawaii as mentally incapacitated and incapable of caring for herself, estate as well as finances.

It all started with a 5150 hold, meaning a psychiatric medical hold, most likely brought on by a court order. She was considered a danger to herself and to others. Britney was then appointed an attorney by the court, Samuel Ingham. She had no say or no voice in any of this, but it was her very own voice … her music that was financing all of it.

Her conservators thus far have been; Jamie Parnell Spears, Andrew Wallet, Jason Trawick, Bessemer Trust and Jodi Montgomery.

Britney is the family’s CASH COW!  Her father, Jamie receives a monthly allowance of $16,000, plus $2,000 a month for office expenses, and 1.5% of $137.7 million from the gross revenues from Britney’s Las Vegas residency. Not bad for an alcoholic who has not been able to hold down employment since Britney’s childhood. 

One question is how can a person who is considered so mentally unfit perform complex dance choreography while singing, be a judge and mentor for uprising music artists on the X Factor and make special appearances on Television shows? Apparently, Jamie Spears’ weapons of choice over Britney are drugs and FEAR.

Britney, going against the advice of her court appointed attorney, Samuel Ingham, broke her silence about the abuse under her Conservatorship. She testified on June 23rd and stated the following:  

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“The people who did that to me should not be able to walk away so easily.”

Britney revealed she was placed on high amounts of Lithium. She feared losing any rights she had left of her children if she didn’t comply with the Conservatorship. She was forced to go on tour by threats from her own management.

In her Testimony she compared her life to Sex Trafficking – being forced to work, no days off and all her possessions taken away. Every person in her inner circle that controls her life is currently on her payroll.  Britney’s father controls everything. She is not allowed to drive. She receives an allowance. They control her meals, her clothing, her dance moves and her dad chooses to continue to sexualize and exploit his own daughter. 

It is interesting Britney is not the only person who has complained about Mr. Spears being abusive. In September 2019, Kevin Ferderaline filed a restraining order against Jamie Spears to protect Sean and Jayden, Britney’s sons. Britney’s mother, Lynne Irene, filed a temporary restraining order in 1980. She feared for her own safety after filing for divorce. Jamie has had an on again and off again relationship with Lynne which stems from his dependence on alcohol. Lynne was an actress. She had to act and pretend everything was okay and make it work with her husband, Britney’s father, Jamie. Britney followed her mother’s cue and tried for the longest time to make believe everything was okay, but all of it was a farce. Her dream come true transformed into a nightmare. 

Britney is not alone in her struggle. How many more starlets are locked into a Conservatorship or non-disclosure agreement?

Kaya Jones spoke out in the #MeToo Movement saying we should “believe all women”, however apparently the exception to this is if your accuser is another woman, Robin Antin. Kaya Jones was part of the girl band Pussycat Dolls from 2003 until she left in 2005.  She compared her time with the Pussycat Dolls to a prostitution ring; pushed drugs and sex on members of the group. Women can be abusers, just ask Allison Mack, Smallville Actress who played several roles in the NXIVM sex cult, recruiting and extorting women. 

Our Focus is on the Music Industry: 

Ke$ha is another music artist that was used and abused. The abuse was at the hands of music producer, Lukasz Sebastian Gottwald “aka” Dr. Luke.

Dr. Luke was controlling of Ke$ha, her weight, her music and her image. He wanted her to portray a skinny, sleazy party girl.  He pushed juice cleanses to keep her thin, and she later would develop an eating disorder.

Ke$ha would later file charges on Dr. Luke which included emotional, verbal and sexual assault. Ke$ha claimed Dr. Luke raped her and kept her on drugs. For a time, she was not allowed to tour or perform. Her label was worried she would speak negatively of Dr. Luke. 

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In 2016 a judge would rule not to break the contract between her and Dr. Luke. The sexual assault occurred in 2008, which was passed the statute of limitations; no criminal charges would be filed against Dr. Luke. Ke$ha alleged that Katy Perry and Lady Gaga were raped by Dr. Luke as well. Lady Gaga, Katy and Dr. Luke denied those allegations of rape. As a result of the testimonies by Lady Gaga and Katy Perry that no rape occurred, the allegations were ruled false. Ke$ha was obligated to pay $373,671.88. The laws have shifted to protect predators. 

Dr. Luke would grant contractual freedom to Ke$ha, on the condition she would recant her sexual abuse allegations. Ke$ha refused. Dr. Luke now uses the pseudonym Made In China. The abuser had no consequences and made Ke$ha feel worthless, but she eventually broke out of his restraints. Find the strength to carry on and use your voice to speak truth!

In 2018 Ke$ha released her powerful single, Prayingshe was able to perform again and use her voice

I’m proud of who I am

No more monsters, I can breathe again

And you said that I was done

Well, you were wrong and now the best is yet to come

‘Cause I can make it on my own

And I don’t need you, I found a strength I’ve never known

I’ll bring thunder, I’ll bring rain

When I’m finished, they won’t even know your name


Do you feel that? The Storm is here!

Will Britney Speak?


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