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One Asteroid Heading Towards Earth Has Enough Precious Metal To Make Every Person Alive A Billionaire


NASA has officially launched a mission to study an asteroid with more than $10,000 quadrillion worth of precious metals on it

Eternal Affairs Media Writer Almost Gets Arrested Protesting at City Council


‘Politicians Need To Fear The People Again’ ~ Patriots Protest at Greenville City Council Meeting & Almost Get Arrested

HSI Phoenix Seeks Help Identifying Potential Victims of Ex-School Teacher Arrested for Child Exploitation


At the time of his arrest, Tsai was employed as a teacher at the Tempe Montessori school in Mesa.

NBC Ratings Plummet So Much They Are Forced To Hand Out Free Ad Space


“Worst Case Scenario”: “Woke” Olympic Ratings Plunge Nearly 50%, Forcing NBC To Hand Out Free Ad Space

Up to 66% Off Mike Lindell's MyPillow Promo Code ETERNAL

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