Prophecy: We Are Entering an Age of Miracles


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Prophecy: We Are Entering an Age of Miracles

Prophecy: We Are Entering an Age of Miracles

Clearly, we’re in a new era. Some months ago, the Holy Spirit started showing me something about this new era—the age of miracles.

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As times and seasons prophets, we need to be accurate in the spirit with regard to chronos and kairos times. An age is a period in history. That period is usually marked by a notable factor, such as the age of dinosaurs or the atomic age.


An age of miracles, then, would look something like the days when Moses was showing Pharaoh many wonders, or when Elijah and Elisha walked the earth or the apostles moving in the Spirit in book of Acts.

We’re not in the midst of it yet, but we’re entering into it. We’ve been authorized to walk in signs, wonders and miracles, and some are. But the Holy Spirit is inviting the hungry to walk through a new era door into ageless, timeless miracles. Wonder-working power is readily available now, but many will have to break through their risk threshold to walk in it.

The Miracles of Moses

As viruses and plagues increase in the earth, we’ll see Moses-like miracles manifest through the hand of deliverance prophets with a heart to set the captives free. In this age of miracles, Moses worked healing, stemmed the tide of judgment, performed signs and more.

Perhaps Moses’s most notable miracle was the parting of the Red Sea. The Israelites were fleeing from the rule of a Pharaoh but found the Red Sea in front of them and the Egyptian army behind them.

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