Shocking NWO Bible Prophecy & Subliminal Messages in The Movie “US”

UPTV covers the shocking bible prophecy related to tunnels that the New World Order has in place, and he covers subliminal messages

The Lord Is Getting Ready to Reconstruct Much of His House


Share Tweet Share Share Share Share SharePROPHECY via Charisma Media: The Lord Is Getting Ready to Reconstruct Much of His House … Many things not built on His rule and His kingdom, but on the […]

The World Looks On In Horror As 800-Year Old Catholic Cathedral Burns

Screenshot - 4_15_2019 , 4_56_08 PM paris catholic cathedral burning

The Cathedral Staff reportedly said that they believe it was set intentionally. We’ll keep you updated! Read more here!

“The Last Trump” In End Times Prophecy; Last President & Last Generation


Where do we stand in the End Times “Timeline” and How exactly does POTUS Trump fit in?

Ezekiel’s Prophecy: End Times (2018-2019) True or False Shepherds


Watch this video!

Prophetic Message: Be Ready To Stand In The Fire

City in a blaze

WATCH THIS VIDEO: Prophetic Message! I found this on Youtube while falling down a few rabbit holes. This is a good one especially if you have Faith …

Prophecy: I Heard the Lord Say a ‘Domino Effect’ Is Coming


God is lining everything up in order for many people to receive breakthrough in the areas they have been contending and praying for.