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Stop Big Tech From Sabotaging Saturday’s “March For Trump”

Amy Kremer with Women for America First emailed on November 10, 2020 a VERY IMPORTANT MESSAGE:


Dear fellow patriot,

I urgently need your help to stop Big Tech from sabotaging our March for Trump in Washington DC on Saturday.

Eventbrite just did something so outrageous, I’m literally shaking. This morning they didn’t just censor our March for Trump in Washington DC on Saturday, they tried to sabotage our peaceful protest by cancelling our event, refunding thousands of dollars, AND the worst part: They sent a misleading email to everyone who RSVP’d that the event was cancelled. Can you believe that?


Here’s the thing, they aren’t even giving us access to our account to let everyone know that while the Eventbrite has been taken down, the event is still on. Here is what I need you to do to help right now.

  1. Reach out to people you know and post on social media that the EVENT HAS NOT BEEN CANCELLED.
  2. Donate to March for Trump to help us make up for the thousands of dollars refunded by Eventbrite. This event is expensive enough to put on without all the extra Tech costs we are incurring as a result of this coordinated sabotage from Big Tech.

Amy continued:

If you’re keeping score like we are, here are just the most egregious efforts Big Tech has made to silence us:

  1. Facebook deleted our group on Facebook that had added more than 350,000 new members in 24 hours
  2. MailChimp deleted the Women for America First email account and has refused to turn over the data
  3. Eventbrite deleted our event and emailed everyone who RSVP’d that the event is cancelled.

If these Big Tech overlords think they can stop us from supporting President Trump and demanding election integrity they have another thing coming!

Big Tech’s censorship only strengthens our resolve. We will March for Trump next Saturday (Nov 14th) at 12:00 PM in Washington, DC. It’s going to be YUGE!


The evidence of what Big Tech is trying to help cover up is growing but let’s just take a look at the down ballot results:

  1. Republicans GAINED SEATS…not LOST.
  2. Republicans took control of more State legislatures across the country
  3. Republican WOMEN won 13 seats in the House
  4. Republicans have maintained control of the Senate for now, but have two candidates going to a runoff in January.

Even after all of those victories, they want us to believe that people voted for conservative leaders in every race BUT the PRESIDENCY?

Come on, man!!!! We know that’s a bunch of malarkey!!

This fight has only just begun and we are already mobilizing to support our President.

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