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We must never allow such traitors to their oath as officers in the military even come close to bringing down our president, with lies and charges that they have lodged against their Commander in Chief. We will expose their treachery and that of their Deep State cohorts, in the Transition Integrity Project, for all to see and condemn.

They are a disgrace to the uniform they wore. Americans must be ready to fight and to preserve the presidency and to preserve the authority of the will of the American people and we must reveal these treasonous officers’ treason. As former members of our military, and with their Commander in Chief, they have betrayed their oath and duty, with their concerted joint effort at insurrection. This treason cannot stand!

Leaked Transition Integrity Project Meeting Statement

In a recent leak, from a meeting of the Transition Integrity Project, some specific points of attack were made public. The Transition Integrity Project members agreed that the normal pathways of countering the Trump Administration’s policies would not be employed. Courts would not be used or even promised, after the November election. Instead, the members of the TIP declared that there would be massive chaos on the streets and no legal battle, in the courts, where the proper procedure is clearly defined, in the U.S. Constitution.

The psychological groundwork, for the social, political and violent breakdown of civility has also already begun. Fake News and social media posts have already started illuminating how the results election night might mean, if Trump wins. If President Trump does not win, in a blowout election, Democrat-Socialists will marshal their politically connected media sources to incessantly declare that Trump was the real loser. They will do this as much as possible to convince the public that Biden is the genuine winner, even if the numbers show that President Trump won 270 electoral votes to win.

Everything you have seen, in this expose, about the Transition Integrity Project represents meticulous treacherous planning, for a coup d’état. It all can only be accurately defined as vicious tyranny and outright insurrection. These power-hungry trolls are willing to kill the nation, if that is what is needed to defeat Donald J. Trump. They hate him far more than they love the nation.

All of those involved, in this sedition, need to be barred from engaging in political activity while being investigated deeply for sedition and treason because of their plotting against the state. The two military members, John Nagl and Paul Yingling should be demoted and then dishonorably discharged from the military. That will come, if they seek to overthrow the will of the American people. America-hater, George Soros, who has funded anti-American movements and individuals for years has now empowered one group that has crossed the line. By funding traitors to the republic, whom he knew were actively planning and engaging in treasonous behavior, Soros should be hunted down, arrested and tried as an enemy of the state.


Most of members of the Transition Integrity Project are Barack Hussein Obama Administration former members, on the left and Neo-Cons and many of which are from the George W. Bush Administration, on the right. All of them, from both treacherous sides of their seditious fence, gain their status and maintain their political lives from the very center of the deep State. This is what President Eisenhower called the Vast Military Industrial Complex. It is better known today, as The Deep State.

Trump’s supporters will never turn from our president. President Trump’s enthusiasm rate is more than double that of Biden’s. It seems that these diabolical enemies of the constitution have seriously misread and underestimated all of us who support our duly-elected president, Donald J. Trump.

They will call President Trump a dictator, but he knows, and American patriots know that President Trump is a defender and lover of the U.S. Constitution and the American system of liberty, and the rule of law. We also know that, on the day of his inauguration, this great man, this great president, Donald J. Trump, took an oath, when he swore to preserve, protect and defend the constitution of America against all enemies foreign and DOMESTIC!

This is quite chilling material, and if these diabolical plans, which are detailed here, actually are unleashed, upon the American public, it will constitute an act of war, that necessitates a real attack and the incarceration of many people. If it allowed to succeed, it will spell the end of the rule of law of the U.S. Constitution, and therein, the end of the United States of America.

Now, you are aware. What will you do?

IMAGE VIA Dr. Steven Clark Bradley PHD
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