On The Cusp of Something BIG, Trump Celebrates “Acquittal”


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On The Cusp of Something BIG, Trump Celebrates “Acquittal”

by Curtis “Ray Biselliano” Bizelli | Watchman of The End Times | Eternal Affairs Media

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Patriots, We are WINNING! The book says GOOD WILL WIN. Kim Clement prophesied before he passed away that they would yell “IMPEACH IMPEACH” but it would fail. We’ve been reporting on this all along. My family told me today, “You told us”. Yea, the victory feels good, but its FAR FROM OVER! The “Demons” are backed into a corner and will go down SCREAMING!!!

IMAGE VIA apnews.com

JustInformed Talk on Youtube reports with this amazing video showcasing President Trump‘s recent VICTORY SPEECH over the “EVIL” DemonRats and Globalists …

Here’s the FULL SPEECH presented by THAT’S THE POINT with Brandon:

and Here’s another interesting take on these current events & latest news by X22Report on Youtube:

Be sure to tune into Dan Hennen on #EATruthRadio THIS WEEKEND. He’ll be covering all of this as well.

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