BREAKING: Miss Michigan Stripped of Her Title For Supporting President Trump

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BREAKING: Miss Michigan Stripped of Her Title For Supporting President Trump

by Curtis “Ray Biselliano” Bizelli | Watchman of The End Times | Eternal Affairs Media

Miss Michigan otherwise known as Kathy Zhu has been stripped of her title as “Miss Michigan” by Miss World Ltd Pageants here in America. Why? For sharing statistical data on stories the left doesn’t agree with, and for supporting our President, Donald J. Trump.

Screenshot - 7_19_2019 , 5_08_11 AM kathy zhu miss michigan - miss world contestant trump supporter

Here’s the SCOOP …

Jack Posobiec with OANN tweeted saying:

BREAKING: The @MissWorldLtd competition has stripped Trump supporter @PoliticalKathy of her title as Miss Michigan.

Jack Posobiec, OANN

Kathy Zhu a/k/a “Miss Michigan” tweeted the following:

We (EA Truth Media) reached out to Kathy Zhu and haven’t heard back yet. We found a tweet with picture of her in “MAGA” hat on her Twitter profile. We’re including that in a direct embed from Twitter here:

EA Truth Media believes this is beyond acceptable in America, where Patriots of all colors have bled (Red, White and Blue) & died so that we would have the freedom to express ourselves as we deem fit.

Contestants of The Miss World Pageants should have the right to voice their minds freely, especially when statistics back up their claims, AND ULTIMATELY, they should be able to SUPPORT THEIR PRESIDENT! This will be the end of Miss World Pageants, as this will heavily backfire on them.

We are urging our Readers to tweet to them at @MissWorldLtd and express your grievances over this story. Show this young lady WE STAND with her all the way!

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