Good News? … Church of Satan Celebrates Death of Christian Missionary


Good News? … Church of Satan Celebrates Death of Christian Missionary




Satanists like to claim that their religion [doesn’t] glorifies evil, death, and murder, but they seem to have a funny habit of glorifying evil, death, and murder.

When they’re not working hard to ensure that the cold-blooded murder of human babies in the womb remains legal, they’re apparently happy to take a break to celebrate the death of a Christian missionary, Life Site News reports.

“The Church of Satan posted on Twitter Wednesday a link to an article about the death of 27-year-old American John Allen Chau, a Christian missionary who went to preach to the Sentinelese people,” they report.

Here’s the tweet, with the caption “Finally, some good news.”

Screenshot - 11_28_2018 , 5_40_30 PM church of satan tweet christian missionary death good news

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