AMAZING: This Sheriff Approves of Weed After Smoking It First Time

Screenshot - 1_25_2018 , 6_49_09 AM sheriff weed

Watch this video! This Sheriff changes his stance on weed after smoking a joint for the very first time. LOL!

BREAKING: Podesta Child Sex Ring Exposed In Graphic Wikileaks

Screenshot - 1_25_2018 , 11_13_01 AM breaking news podesta

Breaking News from FOX! Watch LIVE Video here!

Bigger Than Watergate: Biggest Threat To The President

Vice President Dinner, National Portrait Gallery, Washington DC,

The biggest threat facing President Trump isn’t North Korea or ISIS. It’s Washington, D.C.

BREAKING: Q-Anon Calls On Religious People To Pray!


In the latest snapshot taken from 8chan on January 22, 2018, the notorious “Q” calls upon religious people to PRAY

VICTORY FOR PRESIDENT TRUMP: Congress Agrees To Re-Open Government


While President Trump is standing firm on border security, The Congress got together today and voted to re-open

US Veterans Speak Out About ‘Dreamer Shutdown’ … They Aren’t Happy!


Watch the video below for what this US Army Veteran has to say … He’s P*ssed

Trump On Immigration Deal: “It’s the opposite of what I campaigned for”


Trump told Reuters, “It’s the opposite of what I campaigned for,” adding that while a deal is still possible, “Time is running out.”