Happy Memorial Day! Star Spangeled Banner As You've Never Heard It


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Star Spangled Banner As You’ve Never Heard It – Happy Memorial Day

PHOTO CREDIT: breitbart.com


“Blessed is the nation who’s God is The Lord” – Psalm 33:12
(said from a Veteran Friend of mine on Facebook) …
THANK YOU! TO OUR FALLEN HERO’S!!!! This Story Shows How the First Patriots Felt about Our Flag and What It Sands For! They Gave Their Lives So (we’ll) have this Awesome Land of the FREE! Our Country teetered on this Battle! OFFENDED BY THIS FLAG GO TO A COUNTRY WHERE THEY HAVE A FLAG YOU LIKE! BYE!! God Bless Our Fallen Patriots and Their Families! On this weekend most will enjoy the Holiday and BBQ’s but not many will think about what Memorial Day is truly about. They may give a nod to the day but the reason deserves more than a nod! Undoubtedly, there will be those who protest something about it, and others who will disrespect Our Flag, thus disrespecting those who gave their lives to defend it and the FREEDOM it Represents! I would daresay anyone who burns Old Glory, while we Vets defended your right to Freedom of Speech, just know that sometime’s in human beings Emotions Take over not just on your side of an issue but the other side too! Don’t be surprised if some Veteran comes to Rescue the Flag that means so much to a military person who would Die rather than have that flag treated with such callous disrespect, and on that rescue mission, there may be some violent emotions released. Listen to this, the story represent Our Patriot forefathers and There are still Patriots of Like Mind and Determination Today!! Listen and Learn something about the National Anthem that you Probably Don’t Know!
PHOTO CREDIT: history.com


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