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Sen. Cruz: Together, We Must Continue to Fight for Opportunity for All Americans

Sen. Cruz issued the following statement commemorating the legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr.

“On the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, inscribed in granite, are the immortal words, ‘I have a dream.’ They mark the spot where, more than 53 years ago, Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. called on our nation to keep its founding promise.

“On this day we honor the memory of the man who spoke those words. We honor the cause for which he spoke them. And we reflect on our duty never to yield in our pursuit of truth, or of justice, the calling to which Rev. King dedicated his life.

“America has traveled a long way on the road to racial equality. We have bent the arc of history toward justice. We strive to be judged by the content of our character. But work remains to be done.

“Importantly, as we strive to secure the blessings of liberty for all, we must heed Rev. King’s call for unity. It was Rev. King who forewarned that we are, as Americans, all ‘inextricably bound’ together in our pursuit of freedom. This month, as we begin a new era in our nation under a new administration and a new Congress, we must not forget Rev. King’s maxim about our common destiny.”

The full press release can be viewed here.

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