A Day Without Immigrants, A Golden Opportunity To Take Back Jobs

A Day Without Immigrants, A Golden Opportunity To Take Back Jobs

by Curtis R Bizelli | Watchman of The End Times | Eternal Affairs Media

Immigrants across the country are planning to skip class, miss work and not shop on Thursday, February 16th as part of a ‘Day Without Immigrants’ protest, reports USA TODAY NETWORK.

First of all, We are all immigrants, yes. Stop twisting shit into your own screwed up liberal language to confuse people. We all know you are already too dumb to know the difference between an “immigrant” and an “illegal”.

As for the illegals, criminals and ALSO THOSE STUPID ENOUGH TO JOIN THIS PROTEST!!!

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I say let’s try a whole year or even longer … Most don’t have jobs anyway, and the ones that do are stealing them from the American CITIZENS!

Furthermore, when Trump says he’s going to clean shop, yes he means it but he’s primarily speaking of the criminals. I honestly don’t see how the lamestream media could take this wrongly and twist it into something its not. People are just running with lies after being deceived. It’s sickening. If you watch the videos, he clearly says CRIMINALS and those here ILLEGALLY.

If you’re concerned about being deported or a family member being deported, you should have thought of that a long ass fuckin’ time ago and gotten a GREEN CARD!

Get out and Stay out! We’re building the wall! #MAGA BABY!

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