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BREAKING: Before Its News Appears To Have Been Hacked By a P*ssed Off Staff Writer

by Curtis R Bizelli | Watchman of The End Times | Eternal Affairs Media

Dr. William B. Mount, a p*ssed off writer at “Before Its News” appears to have created a subdomain on the official website calling out the news outlet for fake news and worshiping “Lucifer himself”.

If he could only use proper grammar people might take him seriously. I wouldn’t have looked twice if it weren’t for the fact that having websites of my own I know that you need ADMIN access in order to create a subdomain off the route domain. It’s worth looking into.

Here is his “so called” article (more like a rant) calling out “Before Its News” for “fake news” …

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Screenshot - 2_17_2017 , 3_51_47 AM dr william b mount before its news subdomain fake news

Dr. Mount’s BIO can be found on the “Before Its News” official domain at:

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