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Regardless of The New Renaissance, America End Time Babylon Will FALL!

by Curtis R Bizelli | Watchman of The End Times | Eternal Affairs Media



Infowars’ Alex Jones has been reporting recently on martial law coming to US cities and towns. This is more than likely to happen, however what differs from my viewpoints and Jones’ doubles down to the fact that I seem to have a closer contact with GOD than he does. The Holy Spirit has gifted me with discernment and much wisdom beyond my years. Alex has much knowledge; much more than me, but lacks wisdom.

Let me tell you, regardless of what is going on around the world with the rise of America under the God-driven direction of President Trump; the stock market rising and all the optimism about Christians and more, America WILL – STILL – FALL.

It is written that the King of The South will declare war with The King of The North (Russia), and The End Time Babylon (America) will fall in defeat … most likely to QUICKLY usher in New World Order under an Antichrist.

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