Experts Detail Chromium Browser Security Flaw Putting Confidential Data at Risk


Google characterized the medium-severity issue (CVE-2022-3656) as a case of insufficient data validation in File System … Read More …

Facebook to Pay $725 Million to Settle Lawsuit Over Cambridge Analytica Data Leak


Facebook’s FALL Is On The Horizon … TICK TOCK! The data harvesting scandal, which came to light in March 2018, involved a personality quiz …

Google Takes Gmail Security to the Next Level with Client-Side Encryption


It is important to know that the latest safeguards offered by Gmail is different from end-to-end encryption … Read More Here …

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Irish Regulator Fines Facebook $277 Million for Leak of Half a Billion Users’ Data


Phone numbers, dates of birth, locations, email addresses, gender, marital status, account creation date, and other profile details …

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Major Web Browsers Drop Mysterious Authentication Company After Ties To US Military Contractor Exposed


Mysterious software company used to certify the security of websites … sold communication interception services to the U.S. government …