Top Prophetic Voices Share What’s Coming in 2023


Most people in the body of Christ feel that something different is coming in 2023. You may not be completely sure what God is up to …

Does Christmas Have Pagan Roots?


The reason Dec. 25th was chosen was because some of the pagan’s came to faith and decided they wanted to have a holiday …

Prophecy: The Lord Says, ‘Get Ready for an Explosion of the Miraculous’


Things seemed silent for the people of God … Suddenly out of nowhere, God arrives on the scene, and there is an explosion …

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Prophetic Word: The Lord Says, ‘Look to the Dry Ground’


Then, I heard the Lord say to me, “Stop looking backward and look to go forward. Look to the dry ground.” …

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Prophetic Word: The Lord Says, ‘I Am Making the Way Straight in this Nation’


The Lord said something to me the other day and I almost fell off my chair … Do you remember what happened with this horse?