The Old Guard Globalist World Order Is Collapsing, Starting With The Clintons


The Clinton and Bush era of the last 30 years is about to come to an end in light of the sudden Saudi Arabian purge

Conservative Lisa Haven Lays Out How Twitter, Facebook, Google and Youtube Are Shadow Banning Conservatives


Since Donald Trump was elected by We, The People to become President … Conservatives and Truthers are seeing the brunt-end of

Video of Last Sermon at First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs TX Brings Comfort


These people didn’t see it coming when an evil monster entered their temple and slaughtered at least 26 on Sunday morning, BUT they were READY!

Special Message About Nov. 4th: "Words Won't Defeat Antifa" ... Preppers Up In Arms!

Screenshot - 11_3_2017 , 3_33_31 AM antifa patriot civil war

WARNING: True Patriot Uses Vulgar Language! May Cause Antifa, Snowflakes and Social Justice Warriors To Self Defecate. LOL

BREAKING: Halloween Casts Evil Spell Over America, Yet Another Shooting At Walmart


We’re not going anywhere and guns are NOT the problem. It is EVIL in this world!

ISIS Encourages Followers To Execute Vehicular Attacks Similar To NYC Event


After driving into a crowd and killing 8 people, The suspect, 29-Year Old Sayfullo Saipov jumped out of the rented vehicle brandishing

What You Need To Know About Halloween and This Year’s Theme of Fire and Blood …

Screenshot - 10_31_2017 , 2_44_36 AM halloween fire and blood

As kids of all ages run excitedly door to door, disguised by a multitude of colorful characters, clutching bags of sweet treats, the thrill of Halloween