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Bombshell: Directed Energy Weapons on The Market Available to Anyone Who Wants to Target You

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Anyone Can Buy Directed Energy Weapons!

Directed Energy Weapons on The Market Available to Anyone Who Wants to Target You

… could explain the explosion in targeting symptoms

By H. Michael Sweeney | Staff Writer | Eternal Affairs Media

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Note: This article speaks to the dark side of the Deep State and political manipulation, and should be read by everyone. But if you happen to be an activist or stalking victim who suspects Direction Energy Weapons may be being used against you, you will want to check out the images herein, which are actual portable DEW ‘guns’ which can be used (unlawfully) to precisely target anyone, at will, for any reason.

Backstory: The Problem and Clue-like Symptoms

As founder of the Free Will Society to aid severely impacted stalking victims, I regularly speak with many individuals complaining of stalking symptoms which fit into the general category of directed energy weapons, aka, DEW. Out of some 12,000 victims I’ve worked with over several decades, some third of them described DEW symptoms. Remarkably, the overwhelming majority of such victims are Christians, and the bulk of those who are not, are either Jews or Islamics… the three Faiths worshiping the same God of Abraham. This is a form of spiritual warfare, and it is also starting to be found applied against activists of many kinds. It is, after all, a Political Control Technology (PCT) of the sort we used to call ‘mind control.’

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Rare is it that a victim of DEW is able to determine the exact source and nature of weapons involved, and to be sure, such symptoms do not always represent targeting, at all, as there can be actual health problems which share the same symptoms, and for the matter, mental conditions can account for some cases. For this reason I usually advise the first step before jumping to conclusions about targeting is to seek professional medical advice, and to ask about electro-hypersensitivity, often responsible for such symptoms, and yet, also something which can result from the constant use of some forms of DEW. Where appropriate tests reveal no illness is responsible, that is when targeting becomes a real possibility, and represents a serious threat to be dealt with… especially if DEW is involved.

At that point, a game of 20 questions is called for, that we might discern exactly what kind of stalking methodology and technology is involved, and explore the possibility that perhaps electro-hypersensitivity is the actual and only culprit. The answers better define the problem, and from that, appropriate defensive measures. Hypersensitivity is easy to fix, but stalkers are very careful to avoid leaving useful clues, though there are certain kinds of stalking where they wish the victim to understand they are being stalked. Seldom is there any form of demonstrable evidence which concretely confirms the use of DEW, but the physiological evidence can be many. When one experiences repetitious episodes and combinations of these symptoms, and especially when there is any pattern of time, place, or victim activities involved, that is when it is time to start playing 20 questions in earnest, that the answers might be useful.

To be clear, such weapons can cause severe physical, emotional, and mental harms, and typically contribute to significant financial and social harms, as well, all of which are the general end goals sought by users of such devices. We call them perps, or gang stalkers, because they do tend to work with several helpers to insure continual targeting, and to employ a long list of additional methodologies other than just DEW, alone. Their typical goals vary in specifics as to why, but always aim to destroy the victim’s credibility and viability socially, economically, and especially, politically. They want them to be a zero factor likely to be ignored by (everyone who should be listening, especially those authorities with a duty to do so).

Physiological Symptoms will be some repetitive combinations of: Nausea/dizziness, inability to focus/confusion, headaches and/or ear aches, tinnitus, frequent ear popping, unpleasant and unaccountable sounds, especially when not heard by others (this can evolve to hearing voices which are electronically transmitted), general lack of energy, general mental, emotional, or physical funks, mysterious burns or bruises, or internal pains. Brief sexual stimulation is sometimes reported, always when completely unwarranted and inconvenient, and always troubling and uncomfortable, rather than pleasant. 

A yo-yo of emotions without sufficient cause (getting angry or sad over nothing, of a sense of euphoria in a mundane situation, etc.), and a like yo-yo of energy levels, suddenly feeling awake when you should be tired, and the reverse (often waking every hour on the hour is not uncommon). Collectively, symptoms almost always include loss of focus, attention span, comprehension, decision making ability, and desire to continue in an effort. Everyone’s physiology is different, of course, so the combination of symptoms can vary, but as a rule, only one person in the household (the victim) will experience them: it is quite personally delivered, and intends to make the victim seem mentally disturbed or ill behaving, by their reactions to the symptoms. Symptoms tend to increase in count, variety, and intensity over time. Environmental Symptoms: strange odors, adhesive failures, rapid spoiling of flowers and fruits, odd pet behaviors (they can often sense attacks, and can certainly suffer from them as well). Foods may taste funny, perhaps even water (may or may not indicate other methodologies in use, as well). Electrical items misbehave or die, especially if remote control (infrared) operated. Once thought dead, they may reincarnate. A significant change in one’s general encounters with static electricity is common, and in some cases, the very ground itself is charged with voltage. Often, signs of snooping, sabotages, covert thefts are encountered. Strange sounds on the phone and other signs of surveillance to include being followed, perhaps with use of drones or aircraft use, etc. 

Something New is Afoot: Selling DEW Online to Anyone

Of late, several people have seen and described very specific equipment being used against them, their users quick to conceal the devices and ‘go about their business’ as if nothing had just happened. And, based on such visual reports, I have subsequently been able to verify the specific source of what is confirmed to be DEW-based weapons being made available to anyone, commercially. This is quite alarming, as are the results of my investigating further of what has the earmarks of an intelligence community front, or perhaps a contractor working on the behalf of an Agency black project.

Such technology has in the past only been available to the intelligence community, military, and the select contractors who work with those agencies, either as fabricators, or partners ‘in the spy trade.’ PCT technology and methods have always been covertly developed and deployed much faster than they could be detected, understood, and analyzed to the point at which defensive measures might be formulated. We are typically five years or more behind the curve, as result. But knowing the precise nature of a given weapon greatly aids in that process. As result, I can and do today expose several such weapons which have been made available to the general public, despite various laws which often exist which prohibit their use. Sadly, such laws are too few, and quite toothless against the primary abusers of the tech; the government.

We go back in time to 1974, which is the time frame when the biggest user of PCT technology and methods was CIA, but also when Congress sat them down hard on their haunches with the Church/Rockefeller Hearings on Assassinations and Mind Control projects. At that point, CIA officially divested itself of all such research, claiming (I take paraphrase liberties, here)We didn’t do it, and we won’t do it again, because it didn’t work.’ Groans are allowed and appropriate, for their true, lengthy answer was not far from that, in effect.

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What they really did, was to ‘fire’ all the scientists and researchers, and field operators and ‘shut down’ their front operations… by selling the fronts to the very same players, and having them reestablished in other forms, names, and places, completely off the books, but in a way rendering them de facto contractors answering to Agency needs and direction. Thus was born three principle types of ‘new’ fronts under which the bulk of them operated, without any Congressional Oversight or reporting requirements: those which falsely proclaimed themselves to be helpers of victims of PCT, such as the Cult Awareness Network, that they might coral anyone able to give evidence of their victimization; those who fought to prove PCT didn’t exist, such as the False Memory Syndrome Foundation, which put psychiatrists out of business if they dared help victims to recover; and those which continued in the madness of it all, covertly (of which this article is aimed at exposing what certainly seems an example). 

Note: In one of my books, I listed 400 CIA fronts and infiltrated/partner organizations, the bulk of which were pre 1980 discoveries in the public record. Fully half of them were mind control (PCT) related. Since then, in another book, I listed 1001, the additions primarily revealed post 1980 and yet still, half were involved in PCT. One example would be Eli Lilly, which, while under the CEO leadership of a former CIA NOC (Non Official Cover) operative in the early 60s, who would eventually become Director of CIA, not to mention President of the United States, manufactured millions of doses of LSD for CIA mind control experiments, and began research into drugs in the Prozac class, which this author considers mind control enabling drugs.

In addition to those three types, most of the actual scientists involved became either Professors of Psychiatry at major institutions (if not already so positioned), and/or the heads of each and every professional Psychiatric Association in North America. Collectively, these are the folks who both write the text books and the Holy Bible of psychiatric care (the DSM series of diagnosis manuals), which teach new psychiatrists that mind control is impossible, it has to be schizophrenia or similar, when the whole purpose of PCT is to make the victim seem inflicted with such maladies.

And in 1974, a certain man founded a new firm which would evolve to be the very company offering DEW weapons to anyone with the relative affordable price to pay. There are enough oddities in the nature and existence of the man and the firm involved as to mirror a typical CIA front, in many respects, and this is my most likely conclusion, pending proof otherwise, wrong or no. In such things, in absence of actual and costly investigation by authorities or paid PIs, one can only judge by the clues, of which we have several. 

The credentials of the founder appear to be fabricated falsehoods. He claimed to be an electrical engineer with a degree, but nowhere I could find cites the degree or the school. He also claimed to have written several patents, and while there are many patents under his name, they are all clearly two different people from other parts of the country, and in entire differing industries: one medical chemistry, and the other web image management software. The firm is shadowy, claiming 18 employees and over $5M in sales, and while that may be correct, the appearance is contrary, for the only addresses available are a PO Box, and a ranch-style home in deep rural woods with a swimming pool, a barn, and other out buildings. 

The firm, like many fronts, exists under more than one business name, Amazing1, Information Unlimited, and the two combined. That is not necessarily condemning, one of my own businesses went through an evolution of names as our product and services evolved, but in covert fronts, it is a tool of obscurity, seeking to make it hard to track them down, which is certainly true under any of this firm’s names. They will use a different name variant with differing authorities, so you don’t quite ever know for sure if it is one and the same unless lifting the hood and digging deeper. Amazing1 is not registered with the State’s Corporation Registry, but Information Unlimited is. Information Unlimited does not do business under that name via any storefront, but instead uses Amazing1.com. 

However, that Web site does not currently exist, due to recent troubles described below. An alternate site, amazing1.net is a phishing site based on fake computer virus threat alerts prompting you to undertake diagnosis which can lead to phishing or malware, etc. This was done with my original Web site, proparanoid.com, after hijacked by a known CIA front operating out of New Orleans, using the same building address as was used by Guy Bannister and Lee Harvey Oswald, and ENRON’s (also CIA front, formerly Hughes Tools) super computers some blocks away at the companies ‘closed’ HQ offices. After I lost control of the site for refusing to pay $157,300 to get it back, and instead created a .net version, the .com version became a search engine which led one to similar phishing expeditions. Parallel Web sites like that are also often used to misdirect snoops like me away from finding out what I really want to know.

The Actual DEW Weapons

While their Web site is down, images employed there still can be found. These are the devices described to me by various stalking victims, among whom in general are many activists, as having been used against them. Below are duplications of images which Google Search specifically labeled as amazing1.com images. Also available online, are various quotes by the founder/owner of the firm describing their general product line, including this one provided to government agencies as a government contractor for the supply of:

“…science projects, lasers, tesla coils, high voltage engineering, anti gravity, security devices, video devices, audio devices, accoustics, ultrasonics, hypnotism, mind control, telephone devices, electronic kits, plans, books, videos, pyrotechnics, neon, neon power supplies, neon transformers, telephone listening devices, surveillance, telephone devices, self defense, tactical electronics, night vision, video cameras, video devices…”

Among the actual products are many which can be used against stalking victims as part of a PCT effort (the bold text categories above), to specifically include the following DEW devices, as pictured (apologies in advance for lack of image quality):

These two units, above, are officially termed as Phasor Pain Field Pistols; they are ultrasonic (below human hearing) sound blasters that can severely disorient and cause discomfort. They are hand-held versions of the military’s ‘Sound Cannons’ used as area denial ‘non-lethal’ weapons, but like all NLW technology, if abused, can become lethal or cause permanent brain or other physical injuries. Think Cuban Embassy Syndrome. The one on the left does not have very large range or effectiveness (at distance, effect on a human would be more likely to slowly evolve), while the one on the right is considerably more powerful and could provide near instantaneous impact at more useful distances, or be dialed down for evolved effect.

Note: the firm has been careful to market them as pest and rodent deterrence devices which are not to be used on humans, and insists that users are responsible for checking with their local State for laws which may prohibit or restrict their use. They require purchases to certify they understand this and will so abide, and assume all responsibility for legal liability, holding the firm harmless. I’m not sure that limits their liability, should a class action law suit result.

Note: I once gave extensive Testimony to the State of Massachusetts in consideration of a new law banning DEW, including recommendations, all of which were promptly ignored. The resulting law only banned citizens use of it, making no prohibitions against government’s use of it, and setting no safety and ethics guidelines and training, or restrictions on how or why used.

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Next, below, we have the Negative Ion Beam gun, which was offered in several power levels. It is a radiological device, not to be confused with radioactive. The one shown is rated at 100 kv/m, a charged particle energy weapon, sometimes referred to as a Plasma Beam device, emitting a narrow beam of hot light with laser-like power/effect. I have found no reason stated for the existence and use of this gun, but the effects on a human are clearly within and establish the desired effects of select DEW symptoms, most notably, burns or red spots on skin, and long-term or acute exposure can lead to internal health issues impacting bone, organs, and even DNA, to the point of causing cancer.

But the most common form of DEW most experienced by stalking victims is microwave, which can cause almost all of the symptoms of targeting, with some variation of combination. Ever since the advent of microwave ovens, anyone with a modest understanding of the technology could convert an oven into a weapon. Amazing1 did not seem to offer such a weapon (at least not that I could locate), but did offer kits and plans for many ‘scientific’ projects, including the building of what they call a Microwave Cannon. It can be assembled inexpensively from readily available and inexpensive off-the-shelf parts, and there are other firms which do market pre-assembled devices available commercially, as shown separately, below.

All such devices are easily used as weapons. The first shown, below, are commercially offered, mostly in the UK, and not marketed as weapons in description or name. To be weaponized, they must have a means of focusing the energy directionally towards a specific target, as microwave is otherwise merely another kind of broadcast radio signal going off in all directions (i.e., cell phones, wi-fi). When directional, the signal is concentrated, which enables the targeting effects, such as the military’s use as an area denial weapon which burns the skin (sensations of burning, at lower levels, actual burning to the point of cooking to death, at the higher levels). 

The square megaphone design is the traditional focusing element employed in ovens, and while it can be aimed with useful targeting effects, far more accurate and useful effects are derived from a round, narrow tube, or similar wave guide, such as the one with the wire and profusion at its end. Dish and Yagi antennas can also be employed

The next group of images depict purely home-made from scratch devices, including other focused beam tools, the yagi antenna design of the rifle, or tube/tin can shape, or satellite-stye dish. With the exception of the image labeled as a psychotronic weapon/microwave gun, in an unfortunately and perhaps intentionally blurry image, these were not designed as weapons, but as communications experiments. However, any of them could easily be used as weapons, an unsettling thought given that two of them are very precisely amiable with scopes, one an actual rifle design. 

Keep in mind that serious MW weapons do not well lend themselves to portability due their high power requirements, and often, require electronics which can be the size of a microwave oven (may actually be a modified oven), or large battery packs. This also means that when looking for proof of MW use against one’s self, we should expect only to see the actual transmitter components, as shown in these images.

What Now?

There is good news, and bad news, about Amazing1/Information Unlimited. The founding owner has passed, due old age. His wife and likely co-owner, would seem to have decided to close or sell the business, or to close for a period of mourning and reorganizing. This is likely why the Web site is down. However, their Facebook pages, with not much of importance to our needs, here, still remains online. This is the good and the bad news. Good, because it would seem to be ending the availability and proliferation of these weapons. 

Bad, aside from the unhappiness experienced by those dealing with the man’s death, because it may mean that CIA or some other dark group has purchased the company, and if that is so, their intentions may represent an even bigger threat to future victims of DEW, than did Amazing1. For example, it could mean that the Deep State is considering mass production for use during the next COVID outbreak and expected mandates… such that any refusing to comply, this time, could end up being ‘punished’ and forced into being thought political, social, economic zeros, and schizoids who should be put away. Any ‘crazy sounding idea’ of that sort is actually a rather plausible move by the enemy in a spiritual, ideological, and social engineering warfare, which is exactly what PCT is used in support of.

The other good news is this: the reader is now armed with something visually identifiable, and which should never be found aimed at them, under any circumstances. Immediately document with witnesses and/or images. Video is especially good, more-so if you can capture them removing it as you get closer to it. If possible, quickly duplicate and hide that evidence well, lest they seek to neutralize it. Witnesses should promptly make a signed and written statement to be handled in like manner, preferably notarized, first, or done on camera with others present.

Consult with this author about advisability as to what to do next, beyond that, and I will provide you (or anyone asking for it as a victim or victim helper) a Free Helps Kit, and we can then discuss the pros and cons of choosing to consult with a lawyer or law enforcement, and just which agency. There are reasons pro and con, for both paths, things far more complex than space allows us, here. It is again a game of 20 questions. 

The only important question for readers to ask themselves after reading this, is do you or someone you know suffer these symptoms? If so, keep your eyes open looking for enough suspicious matters to ask for that Helps Kit… You can phone or email me through the Society’s pages. Eternal Affairs Media is a valuable sponsor of the Society. And please consider to join the Society and/or make a donation.


  • H. Michael Sweeney

    H. Michael Sweeney is a retired privacy/security consultant who specialized in and has worked with some 12,000 stalking victims over several years. He is author of 9 books, 3 relating to privacy/security how-to helps, and 5 relating to crimes of the New World Order and America’s dark bumps in the night. Currently, he continues to offer help to the 12,000,000 stalking victims out there by operating the Free Will Society, through which he can be reached directly by email or phone: freewillsociety.wordpress.com.  Because at least three of his books have been book vanished by CIA and others in Europe, they are currently only available as ebooks, direct. 100% of sales of his books (pay what you think it is worth) go directly to fund the Society, where he draws no salary, and offers a FREE Helps Kit to victims on request.

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