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How To Raise Wise Children In A Wicked World


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Teach them who God is and why it is necessary to obey Him

How To Raise Wise Children In A Wicked World

by Dinora Garza | Faithwriters

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For years I’ve fought the lies that in the name of science and progress are imposed on my children at school. Do not think the danger will be over when they reach college. It’ll only get worse! Not only will they endorse homosexuality, relativism and teach them the world created itself, they’ll also teach them the advantages of lying, stealing and cheating at work to advance themselves, all of these during their Ethicsclass. Ironic, isn’t it?

Determine in your heart to take out the “junk” they get into their heads and hearts every day. Prioritize. There is nothing that should occupy your time more than your children’s spiritual lives (after your own of course, or you will have nothing of value to communicate).

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Teach them who God is and why it is necessary to obey Him, who Christ is and why it’s necessary to surrender to Him. Memorize a verse a day and explain it to them on the way to school every morning. If they can read, always carry a Bible with you and let them read it. You’ll be feeding their hearts, minds, and spirits, and helping them act wisely. Teach your children to choose good and reject evil, and to distinguish between the holy and the profane.

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