Grandma Arrested For Praying Silently While Walking Awaits Trial – Is This Freedom?


Is This What FREEDOM OF RELIGION looks like in a Free Nation? … This occured in the UK, but rest assured, They want this type of Tyranny in America too!

Grandma Arrested For Praying Silently While Walking Awaits Trial – Is This Freedom?

Andrea Morris with CBN News writes:

IMAGE VIA Alliance Defending Freedom UK

A grandmother who was arrested in the UK for walking and praying silently near an abortion clinic is still awaiting trial a year after her arrest.

According to the Christian legal group Alliance Defending Freedom UK (ADF UK), Rosa Lalor left her home in Liverpool on Feb. 24, 2021, to enjoy a walk outdoors. The activity was permitted during the COVID-19 pandemic as a form of exercise.

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On that particular day, she walked past an abortion clinic and prayed silently. Lalor wore a face mask and kept a distance from others.

A police officer stopped the 76-year-old and asked why she was outdoors. When she said that she was “walking and praying,” the officer reportedly told her that she did not have a “reasonable excuse” to be outside and accused her of protesting.

“I never thought that in a democratic country like the UK I would be arrested for a simple and solitary prayer walk,” Lalor explained. “When I was walking outdoors, I was praying in the privacy of my own mind. What kind of society are we, when people can be arrested simply for peacefully manifesting their faith in public?”

She continued, “I have always respected the law and never wished to be involved in legal action, but having been fined simply for praying whilst walking, I know this is an important challenge to take forward. With support from ADF UK, I’m taking a stand to protect fundamental freedoms for all people.”

She was arrested, placed in a police car, charged, and fined 200 pounds (around 260 U.S. dollars) under temporary coronavirus measures, ADF UK reports.

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