BREAKING: Russia Could Run Out Of Money And Weapons In 10 Days, Estonian Defense Chief Estimates


Russia ‘increasingly frustrated’ by lack of momentum in Ukraine invasion, resistance greater than expected

BREAKING: Russia Could Run Out Of Money And Weapons In 10 Days, Estonian Defense Chief Estimates

100 Percent Fed Up reports:


As Russia’s invasion of Ukraine continues to intensify with Russian troops launching a full scale invasion of the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv last night, Ukrainian citizens have mounted a desperate defense, throwing Molotov cocktails at armored vehicles and physically blocking tanks with their bodies.

The Russian military is becoming increasingly frustrated by an advance that is slower than they initially estimated, with both sides taking heavy casualties. Some estimates say that hundreds of people were killed just last night in the Russian advance on Kyiv.

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While the situation currently looks dire for Ukrainians, defense experts are estimating that Russia only has the money and weapons to sustain an invasion for another 10 days. The Daily Mail Reports

The head of Britain’s MI6 Secret Intelligence Service has said be believes Russia’s war in Ukraine will prove ‘unwinnable’ because President Vladimir Putin will never attain political victory over the country’s people.

Richard Moore, the chief of MI6, wrote how a report suggesting Putin’s forces will ultimately fail in Ukraine because it underestimated its neighbour’s military strength and fierce determination ‘makes sense to me’.

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