EA Truth Radio Host Dan Hennen Talks Maricopa County, Texas Audit, and Much More …


EA Truth Radio Host Dan Hennen Talks Maricopa County, Texas Audit, and Much More …

Truthful Unbiased ‘News & Current Events’ w/ Dan Hennen: Maricopa County – Texas Audit – Gabby Petino – Biden‘s Booster Shot and More!


This is Dan‘s LIVE show from Monday,September 27, 2021.

Our Hosts’ viewpoints don’t always reflect what EA TRUTH Media believes as a whole!

Thank you for tuning in!

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Dan provides commentary and analysis on the past week’s “news” stories.  And strips out the Fake News so you don’t have to.

Topics discussed this episode:
 Maricopa County Audit Results; Abortion Law passes the House; Problems in Australia; Biden’s Booster Shot on TV; Gabby Petino and her connection to Sandy Hook; Leena Wen pushes vax, and is connected to the Boston Bombing; Croatia/Norway/Romania refuse to push the plandemic; New McAfee images; Trump Rally in Georgia; more on the January 6th “riot”; Biden Taxes; Election audit in Texas; Code Red Climate 3.5 trillion; and an Ohio Sheriff proclaims he will not order his staff to enforce jab mandates.

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