Truthful Unbiased ‘News & Current Events’ w/ Dan Hennen on EA Truth Radio 09/20/2021


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Truthful Unbiased ‘News & Current Events’ w/ Dan Hennen on EA Truth Radio 09/20/2021

Truthful Unbiased ‘News & Current Events’ w/ Dan Hennen: Michael Sussmann – Vatican Vax Cards – Project Veritas and Much More


This is Dan‘s LIVE show from Monday, September 20, 2021.

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Our Hosts’ viewpoints don’t always reflect what EA TRUTH Media believes as a whole!

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Dan provides commentary and analysis on the past week’s “news” stories.  And strips out the Fake News so you don’t have to.

Topics discussed:
 17 subpeonas in Pennslyvania for election fraud; Protests in Romania; Vaccine cards required at Vatican; Kevin Clinesmith got his law license back?  General Milley comments in new book; Biden photo op in Shanksville;  Alanis Morrissette revelations; FBI fires the lead agent in the Governor Whitmer kidnapping case; Newsom recall vote; Witness in Netanyahu trial killed in suspicious plane crash; Army will force vaccinations on all active duty members; Price Philips’s will;  Arizona audit results due 9/24 and include 4 volumes of reports; Citizens in Nigeria….need vaccine to be able to bank?  Austrailia mandates masks while at the beach; Rose McGowan press conference; Project Veritas new whistleblower and a CDC official steps down after emails surface about her colluding with members of the Teachers Union.

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