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Prayers That Drive Harassing Spirits from Your Midst


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Prayers That Drive Harassing Spirits from Your Midst

Prayers That Drive Harassing Spirits from Your Midst

Apostle Jennifer LeClaire of 365 Prophetic writes:


Harassing spirits are rising up from the hordes of hell in this hour. Harassing spirits work to wear you out and wear you down. These demonic forces persistently annoy you. They create unpleasant and even hostile situations. They work to worry you and impede your progress.

It’s not hard to discern a harassing spirit, though you may not immediately catch on because of the whirlwind these devils create. In a recent word of encouragement, Cindy Jacobs offers additional insight into the practical ways harassing spirits work against believers.

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“You’re losing many things. Things seem to be breaking around your house. You try to get something done or you go to a store and you buy a part, and when you get home, you find out you got the wrong part,” she wrote. “Well, all of these situations could just be considered a part of life, but when they pile up, I have found that it is actually a harassing spirit.”

*** continued ***


Pray these prayers and make these decrees when the harassing spirit is barraging you:

Father, I repent for not discerning and resisting harassing spirits at the onset of the attack. Forgive me, also, for reacting in the flesh, with fear and frustration, instead of responding with Your Word.

Father, expose the wiles of the harassing spirits (Eph. 6:11).

Father, deliver me from the devices of harassment (2 Cor. 2:11)

Father, have mercy on me, God, because people are harassing me. Those who oppress me have fought against me all day long (see Psalm 56:1).

Father, repay the harassing spirits for their arrogance, for they have taunted and verbally harassed me (see Zeph. 2:10).

Father, rebuke the harassment of the enemy of my soul (Psalm 104:7).

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I take authority over every harassing demon (Matt. 28:18).

I bind the works of harassment launched against my life Matt. 18:18).

I condemn the words of harassing spirits speaking to and about me (Is. 54:17).

I command spirits of harassment to leave my presence.

I plead the blood of Jesus against every harassing demon on assignment against my life (Rev. 12:11).

Let every harassing spirit be roasted with double fire (Jer. 15:14).

I break the fiery darts of harassing spirits aiming to stop me from walking in faith (Eph. 6:16).

I decree the enemy’s weapon of harassment will not prosper against me (Is. 54:17).

I release divine harassment and retribution into the enemy’s camp (Ex.. 23:27).

I pray and decree these things in the name of Jesus. Amen.

Read More at 365 Prophetic!

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