Evil Spirit of Gossip Launching Below-the-Belt Attacks, Be on Guard, Don’t Fall Prey


Evil Spirit of Gossip Launching Below-the-Belt Attacks

Evil Spirit of Gossip Launching Below-the-Belt Attacks

Jennifer LeClaire writes:

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Gossip is device of the devil and, as Paul the apostle said, we must not be ignorant to the devil’s devices (see 2 Cor. 2:11).

Gossip and meddling seem to go hand in hand. While a gossip is someone who has a habit of sharing personal information about other people (which can lead to harmful rumors) meddling is interfering without a right, or inserting oneself into affairs that are none of one’s business.

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In this season, I’m sensing the spirit of gossip attacking below the belt. Beyond gossiping about true facts, this spirit is crossing lines and doing harm to its victims. Gossip is leading to rumors and even slander.

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