Cadbury Facing Backlash Over “Graphic & Offensive” Easter Video AD


Cadbury Facing Backlash Over “Graphic & Offensive” Easter Video AD

Cadbury Should Be Ashamed Of Themselves For Pushing This Despicable Easter Advertisement …


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On a day where we celebrate victory over this type of fallen mankind behavior with the resurrection of our Lord, Jesus Christ, we have large corporations like Cadbury Ireland normalizing the sexualization of things that once used to be innocent.

It’s the Creme Egg Golden Goobilee… and we are down with sharing! Would you share your Cadbury Creme Egg? Tell us in the comments!— Cadbury Ireland (@CadburyIreland) January 16, 2021

Cadbury makes a huge push to sell its Crème Eggs in America during the Easter season each year. A portion of each sale goes to help finance Cadbury’s social agenda that has nothing to do with chocolates and candies.

If U.S. sales are strong, Cadbury just might bring this ad to American televisions for your children to see. Taking a stand now will send a strong signal that their eggs are cracked up.


Sign our pledge to keep Cadbury Crème Eggs off your shopping list. Let Cadbury know that if they are going to offend you, they won’t be doing it with your money.

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