President Donald J Trump Is Still Fighting For The Soul of America – Will We Continue To Fight For Him?


President Donald J Trump Is Still Fighting For The Soul of America – Will We Continue To Fight For Him?

President Donald J Trump Is Still Fighting For The Soul of America – Will We Continue To Fight For Him?

by Dr. Steven Clark Bradley PHD | Contributor | Eternal Affairs Media

While President Trump was running for office, in 2016, I and you, We the People, knew that if we could just get this powerful, patriotic man, into office, he would end the downward spiral, of the nation morally, spiritually, economically and militarily. For those, of us, who love the constitutional republic, since President Trump was elected, he has certainly not disappointed us.


For the traitors, the haters, the apostates of the U.S. Constitution, enemies of liberty, the extinguishers of American exceptionalism, the Democrat Socialists, knew that President Donald J. Trump’s ascension to the U.S. Presidency exacted the fate, which they feared most, and it had come upon them. For, they knew that he fully intended to do exactly what he said he would do.

We, who flocked to the polls, in 2016, all knew that he would turn the nation around. Yet, none of us knew or even speculated that he’d so quickly rebuild the military again, into the most powerful force, on the globe. We were astonished and stunned, with elation, to witness his ability to bring jobs back, with such great success and prowess. We saw him courageously slash, slice and dice job-killing and business-ending regulations, that allowed the great restart and resurgence of long-gone industries, which had lain dormant for decades. He was the magic wand that Hussein Obama said would be needed to reverse all the treachery that Obama and his sycophants inflicted, upon the nation, for eight infamous years.

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Those of us who had long given up on finding jobs that paid the bills and fed our families, during the failed and heartless Obama Administration, jobs that paid a salary worth working for, again became plentiful, lower taxes put more money in consumer’s pockets and made business investments thrive and American life, once again, became livable. All this, and more, showed us that we had a patriot and lover of the American people, in the White House.

Yet, every single success of President Donald J. Trump came, in the midst, of constant and total opposition, from the Democrat-Socialists and many of his own party fork-tonged party. In a never-ending incessant barrage of lies and hatred, from the left and their fake-news-media allies, President Donald J. Trump gave the American people the lowest unemployment numbers, in 50 years! We shouted resoundingly, and sincerely that for President Donald. J. Trump, promises made meant promises kept!

President Donald. J. Trump pledged to the American people that he would stand up for the unborn and became the one president who actually used more than words to protect the lives of the unborn. He swore he would stand up, for law enforcement, and through constant attacks, against America’s finest, even, during weeks of rioting, from left-wing hoodlums and mobs, of Black Lives Matter thugs and Antifa Fascists, President Trump has stood unflinchingly with the men and women in blue and fought to give them everything they needed to keep America safe.

Donald J. Trump said he would build a wall, to ensure America’s sovereignty. He pledged to fight the massive influx, of illegal immigrants, and the illicit and deadly drugs, most of which, were smuggled across our formerly impoverished southern border. President Trump has done it all, and in the face of a fraudulently corrupt election, courts that are in cahoots with Socialist tyrants and having his landslide victory stolen from him, and, from the American people, he still wants to bring it all to fruition and completion, and he is still fighting, and we are still supporting him to do just that.

Nevertheless, unless, the American people, who love the US Constitution and, who have pledged our honor, our posterity to the American Republic, and our children’s future prosperity and our very lives, are prepared to fight back, to stand up, and ready to take our nation back, regardless, of the cost, and by whatever means is required, all these wonderful promises and fulfillments, of President Donald J. Trump, and all the good he has done, for the American people, will all go away!

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We, who fought and wrote and worked and prayed, to bring America’s voice, Donald J. Trump, into the White House, and we who did the same a second time, only to see it all treacherously and savagely illegally torn away, from us, by a concerted, orchestrated and treasonous coup and cabal, are in grave danger, of having all the great successes being ripped right out of our lives, by Democrat-Socialists, who hate the United States of America. It must be stopped. For, if this is not rectified, the post-Trump era will be one without the free and constitutional America, as part of it.

Are you, my patriotic brothers and sisters, just going to let America be reduced to a nation of beggars and thieves, who are totally dependent, upon a massive, vast Socialist cabal that cares nothing, for its people, which regards all of us as mere vassals that do Big Brother’s bidding? Are we going to ride away, into the hapless darkness and simply allow our future, our freedom, our prosperity, our President to be ripped away, from ‘We the People’? Will we, the American people, just effortlessly, apathetically, lethargically and haplessly let the greatest President of the United States be pulled out, of the White House, which duly and legally and constitutionally belongs to him, for four more years? We have now chosen to put this great man, in the Oval Office, two times, and, it is ‘We the People’ who must demand, insist and battle, if so needed, and it is, to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America!


For, now we have seen our duly elected choice, of the American people, Donald J. Trump, endure and withstand lies, innuendo, slander, fake investigations and such a massive assault, against his person, his family, his integrity and his very presidency. How can any of us but emulate his unlimited resolve? Such brutality against anyone else, who has ever sat behind the resolute desk, would have seen them cower and fold up their tents and leave, being threatened and ultimately impeached, for simply doing his job and being the American people’s president. We all know that the only thing that Trump did wrong, in the bloody and hate-filled eyes, of the Democrat-Socialist Mob, and many Never-Trumper Republicans, is that he won the presidency; not once but twice!

Yet, this mighty man has refused to throw in the towel, and he is still fighting back and is depending on us, ‘We the people’ to fight with him to defeat the forces of political, social, and moral evil that has assailed him and the American people, to destroy him and us! Do you realize that, when they hate him, attack him, malign him and destroy his presidency, they have done likewise to each and every one of us, who love and support him and who chose to put him in office?

Therefore, the time has come to choose what kind of country you will accept! Will we remain a government of, for and by the people or one that is tyrannically of, for and by the mob? Will we be a nation of laws and not of men or a nation of the mob and not of justice? The time has come to decide who you are willing to follow. Let us not just be those, who benefit from our president’s hard work and kept promises. Let us be a people who will pay any price, support and action and defeat any foe to preserve the march of liberty and justice. That begins by fighting for the second term, of our duly reelected president, Donald J. Trump.

Let us, also, refuse to see our nation’s legacy and very existence ripped asunder, by Democrat-Socialist haters of the last, best hope for humankind, the United States of America. Donald J. Trump was chosen, by the American people, and we must refuse to see him removed, from the office, that probably 75 million of us chose to elect and reelect him to, regardless of the cost to our lives, our fortunes and our posterity. For, to allow the treachery and treason to stand is to see the glory, the power, and the liberty, of America, fall.

It is either now or it is never. America will either continue to grow, under the law or wither away and perish, by the schemes, whims, corruption and demonic hatred, of the Democrat-Socialist Cabal that seeks to destroy our nation, which plots to imprison us all, in a dystopian conspiracy, which respects neither our heritage, or legacy nor our constitution. The reason why the Democrat-Socialist horde, this dystopian mob, hates Donald J. Trump, President of the United States of America so much is because they know that four more years, for this great promise-keeper, will be more of the same and will allow all the seeds of liberty, greatness and prosperity to grow, into full blossom, and end their diabolical plot to turn us all, into Socialist vassals.

NOW! Let us declare! NOW! Let us insist! NOW! Let us fight. For it is we who voted for freedom and restoration of the Law of the Land, the U.S. Constitution. It is not we, who are the rebels. We are the patriots of truth, patriots of American liberty, patriots of the Constitution of the United States of America! These rebellious traitors, of the life, truth, legacy and rule of our sacred parchment, must be taken down and forced to pay for their sins, against the rule of law, and the will of the American people. When they come for our guns; when they come for our jobs; when they come for our families; when they pry our children out of our hands, let us firmly, resolutely, fearlessly and forcefully tell them – “Here, Devils, the American People Govern” – before we take them down to whatever depth of their merited treasonous woe that is required!

Our President, Donald J. Trump, has kept his promises to us. He has not flinched one inch! He promised to return the power of the American Constitutional Government back to the people. He did so. That means that the future and fate, of the nation, is now, in the hands of ‘We the People’. President, Donald J. Trump has unswervingly kept his word. Now, it is required that we keep our word, as well, by supporting, demanding, insisting, not only with our voices; not only by our votes but also with our lives! The great question of America’s first president must be posed yet again. “Have I not done enough, for my country?” It must be again responded to, with equal sincerity, resolve, determination and sacrifice, as President George Washington, himself declared, without uttering a word but by laying down his last full ounce of devotion. His life, his words, his action and his unfaltering resolve loudly shouted to the world, NO WE HAVE NOT!

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Radical patriotism is not a vice! Mere words of national hope and remorse shall not suffice! Between the bones and the marrow of our history, legacy and future our resolve or lack thereof, we shall now be forced to slice. For national treason and National loyalty, we can never splice. Choose you this day whether it be national greatness or national suicide that does you entice. For it is, here and now, that the concluding judgment, once made, shall never be offered twice! 

President Donald J. Trump has kept all his promises. Let us keep our promises to him, our children, our sacred honor and to America today. The time is now; today or there will be no tomorrow!

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