Donald Trump Fought the Establishment—and Won


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Donald Trump Fought the Establishment—and Won

Donald Trump won the presidency by challenging both the Republican and Democrat Party establishments. For too long, the political class of party leaders, paid consultants, lobbyists, donor-funded think tanks, and partisan media outlets ignored the concerns of millions of working- and middle-class American families.

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These families didn’t see themselves as Democrats or Republicans. They saw themselves as Americans—and they wanted change.

Career politicians didn’t get the message. Rather than listen to the American people, the establishment chose to lecture them instead. Democrats in Congress, for example, could’ve joined with President Trump and Republicans to work together on infrastructure, immigration, healthcare, the economy, our military, and more.

Instead, Democrats spent four years obstructing that agenda, wasting time—and tens of millions in taxpayer dollars—on political stunts.

While the left resisted, President Trump went to work.

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