GOD: Justice Shall Come, But NOW My Focus Is YOU … Prophecy … A Time For Reckoning


GOD: Justice Shall Come, But NOW My Focus Is YOU … Prophecy … A Time For Reckoning

We are called to walk by the Spirit and renounce the flesh.


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Wanda Alger with Charisma Magazine recounts words she heard from The Lord:

That’s when He stopped me and shared the reality from His perspective. While I was wondering when the sins of men would be held to account, He reminds me that His gaze and attention, for now, is on U.S.:

I am not looking at the world’s reactions, recourses and resolutions—I’m looking at yours. I am not preoccupied with the corruption, collusion and conspiracies among men. I am preoccupied with you—My body and My bride. It is you I am calling to account.

You think it not easy for Me to bring swift justice to the perpetrators and pimps and those who revel in rebellion? You think it hard for Me to end this hellish reign of physical, mental and emotional terror? Yet, that is not My primary goal or the aim of My heart. My goal is you…

I am looking at how you react to the ways of men. Though there is a remnant that sees the dark side of man‘s condition, many in the church still walk in unbelief. The mocking spirit attached to deception has infected My people and is choking out the faith and belief in the realm outside their own. Though your love for Me is strong, your love for acceptance is stronger. Though your commitment to Me is unquestioned, your compassion has led you to compromise. You have traded righteousness for relational equity and divine providence for self-protection. Your spirit is willing, but your flesh has been leading.

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