Editorial ~ The America I Grew Up In


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Editorial ~ The America I Grew Up In


by Ricky Piva | Eternal Affairs Media

Today is not the AMERICA I grew up in from a bygone era.

IMAGE CREDIT: The Sandlot The Original Movie / variety.com

THE AMERICA I group up in you always played the cards you were dealt. You never whined and complained or you might just get the back of me hand from either mom or dad.

You kept silent unless you were spoken to and them eyes of my fathers were so fierce all he had to do was simply *LOOK at you and the FEAR OF GOD made you tremble knowing you were in some deep chit if he got a hold of you after one of your stupid childish tirades!

Heaven help you if you even thought of sassing back or you would hear them proverbial words* you gonna get a new set of teeth since I will knock them ones you got down your throat* and he meant it boss- Dad was a stern task master but he was SUPER * FAIR and when you had it coming he delivered OUCH no if ands or butts!!!!!!!!_

You ate everything on your plate or you starved plain and simple. You never had time to wonder if this was gluten chit scum fricking free edibles and you better not turn your nose up or you might be thinking of eating with no TEETH hehehehelol——you ate exactly what was placed in front of you and yes you ate the turnip greens and brusel sprouts and you ate all your veggies or you would be sent to your room with nothing buddy boy and girl.

You were always on your best behavior when strangers came and you always kept yourself clean cut with regular haircuts every two weeks- you were in the highest form of hygiene available in those days but at same time you were allowed to play in the DIRT an get all messy and filthy since it is only DIRT and it won’t harm your low life kiddy ass …

YOU are not a candy ass little wimp whining and you never threw a temper tantrum or your ass was really grass and mom could be a real lawn mower whipping your ass. YOU always went to church with parents and you never thought of asking if you could stay home unless you were barfing your insides out – and sometimes you still had to go after you were done up chucking hehehehe=-== you were always respectful of older adults and if you even thought of sassing any adult —or if you said any dirty words your mouth could literally get washed out with bar soap—-you never did that again–

You shined your shoes you combed your hair and you looked perfect and you kept your mouth shut. The America I grew up in you had play time and work time and school time and none of them mixed = each one was a separate entity in itself. YOU were a responsible child with chores daily and you followed the laws to the letter- no one ever thought of stealing or your bottom would get so royally tanned you would not sit down for a week. You kept impeccable manners with all..

Even the custodian we addressed as either Mrs. or Mr. and you never thought of anyones profession as anything but an honorable one no matter what your plight in life==== you were eternally grateful to have a real JOB>!!!!
YOU showed RESPECT and DIGNITY for your HOME and your country and your FLAG and you represented your family when you were out and were expected to always be CIVIL— and you EARNED your way and nothing was handed to you on a silver platter—

You never played this victimhoood card or racist bull dung-since you were never a victim but maybe you might be called a SURVIVOR period— There was never anything such as WHITE OR BLACK PRIVILEGE –we were ALL EQUAL in GODS eyes – we were all individuals who all loved one another— black– white –Asian — latinos– we ALL got along with each other and we were colored blind to any ethnic stereo types- we all got along in the school yard playing to our hearts content—- NO one showed individuality since we always acted as a TEAM and all our efforts were dedicated to become a great equalizer as we donned our various sports and athletic gear for various forms of sport that we ALL enjoyed.

You always stood at attention during the playing of the National Anthem with your hands over your heart and you kept silent and you only knelt before GOD HIMSELF in church where that is exactly the only place where you knelt only period!

We all recited the Pledge of Allegiance every day along with prayers daily in our schools and it was MANDATORY —you recited them prayers with dignity and with HONOR and with GRACE! YOU were always expected to act as a TEAM and never be a snot nosed loser- that was never tolerated- you WON fair and square with no cheating and you always showed the very best SPORTSMANLIKE CONDUCT at all times both on and off the field of play!

Our heros were the greatest in all sports like Stan the Man Musial and Babe Ruth who were total CLASS.

YOU always helped out your next door neighbor and they never had to ask for any help since you volunteered with no prompting from mother to do chores for your own as well as neighbors always showing the utmost of respect and even taking meals to in bound older family and friends for support for your fellow man.

Yes this was the AMERICA I GREW UP IN with proud traditions baseball– mom and apple pie and all the gals we left behind. That’s the AMERICA I once knew so loving and compassionate of all!

Can we aspire to greatness again? Yes we surely have with the God of Abraham we have all seen our successes and failures and today we are way ahead of the fray!!!

Yes we can make AMERICA GREAT AGAIN and we have and we shall continue to do so in our daily lives with strength and vision and a zest for humanity-with a purpose for our very being—and we ALL live for a better life for all humankind daily —

May we all see the finest AMERICAN DREAMS realized now brought forth to actual fruition and may we all lead exemplary lives of total sacrifice for one another and with GODS help we shall truly be the light that shall shine around the world! We are ALL the PROUDEST PATRIOTS on all of the blessed mother earth. Make AMERICA yours today and make it GREAT AMERICA since we are all in this together and with one voice we all say GOD BLESS AMERICA!


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