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BREAKING: Vincent Kennedy Ping Test Leads to Secure Room in Washington D.C.

by Betsy Q Ross | Eternal Affairs Media


If you follow Q Anon or the “JFK Jr. might being alive narrative,” then you may have heard of various associated Twitter accounts. A current one of interest is Vincent Kennedy who sometimes posts in code.  In a recent Tweet in Morse code, Anons picked up “ping test.”

jfk ping image 1
IMAGE CREDIT: Screenshot / Betsy Q Ross

However, when I entered it in the translator, I got, “Ping n st,” Which I believe is Ping N Street N.W. in Washington D.C.  as I had found declassified CIA documents for modifications of a “board room.”   The original documents are very blurry. I re-typed them for easier reading. There may be a few incorrect translations. You can view the original documents at this link. In the retyping of the documents a line, ________, means it was redacted or I couldn’t read the word. In one instance a word was blacked out, I put an X for the number of characters the word may be by how it lined up with other words on the page. (Please also note, the referenced enclosures were not attached to the documents found.)

Promesa Consulting Group 1717 N St NW Washington DC Consultants Business NEC MapQuest jfk ping image 3
IMAGE CREDIT: Screenshot / Betsy Q Ross /

Promesa Consulting Group is the current business registered at 1717 N N.W., Washington D.C. They appear to cover all aspects of business from grant management to government policy and education. If the CIA hasn’t moved out of this building, this is a cover operation.

Promesa Consulting Group 1717 N St CIA Front jfk ping image 2
IMAGE CREDIT: Screenshot / Betsy Q Ross

This room appears to be hidden in the interior of the building and is accessible by at least four other rooms.

There are electric, 48-inch doors, unless they are somehow on top of each other, this isn’t tall enough for adults. These doors are controlled by the receptionist who has a buzzer. There’s a glass projector screen, black and fluorescent lights, multiple sliding boards including a Maggie Magnetics board and a “sink in the little room.” The room was deemed a secure area.

I can only speculate what occurs in this room. Just meetings? Mind control programming? Everything we know the cabal is capable of? What is the sink for?

1 Feb 1956 (“Sanitized” Document Located #1)

Memorandum For:  _____________

Subject: Alteration s for 1717 N Street, N.W.

1.            As per your request, a list of alterations of our space at 1717 N Street, N.W., is herewith submitted.

2.            After checking the displays that we have on hand and those that will be needed, it is apparent that a 5’ x 6’ panel is too short. Accordingly, we are asking for 6 1/2 x 6’ panels. It will probably be necessary to sacrifice some of the viewers’ comfort letting the bottom of these panels come fairly low to the floor.

3.            These items should be accomplished: Two 42-inch electric doors controlled by a buzzer by the receptionist at the entrance into these spaces (location as shown on enclosure #1.)

                Twelve – 6 1/2 x 6’ panels mounted on tracks extended across one end of the briefing room and extending 16 feet into the next room. These panels should be mounted on three tracks. Removable stops at the end of the tracks will allow the panels to be removed. Four panels are to be made of plywood or some like material to make them suitable for display maps. These four panels should not have borders that would interfere with the display. These plywood panels should go on the first track. 

The middle track should have four peg board and cork panels. These should be so constructed that the peg board could be utilized once the cork were removed. The peg board should have the holes ⅓ inch between casters.

On the track closest to the masonry wall there should be three peg board panels with a removable maggie magnetic surface. Also, on ths track there should be a panel within which is a __graph rear projection screen on glass. This screen should be tiled forward at the top ⅕ inch inside its frame.

These panels inside the briefing room should be lighted from a valance which hides “black” light tubes and fluorescent tubes. It would be desirable if the Valance were to hide the drapery hardware.

On the wall in the Briefing room which is closest to the entrance we wish a map panel approximately 8 ½ x 18 constructed of maggie magnetic. On the other side wall we would like to have a four feet high panel of peg board running the length of the room. It would enhance the appearance considerably if this peg board panel had a frame. Both side walls and the wall containing the sliding panel should be covered by full drapes. The rear wall should have a four foot panel of peg board, but need not be covered with drapes.

A sink should be installed in the little room indicated on enclosure #1.

4.            Enclosure #2 is a blue print of the sliding panels used at National In______ Center. I believe that construction along these lines will provide us with the most flexibility in the use of the panels.

5.            Enclosure #3 is a brochure of Maggie Magnetic visual aids and has on the address of local distributor.

6.            As you know, the date for moving is 15 February. I realize that this is an extensive and time-consuming task. In order to expedite this job, please feel free to make such minor deviations as might be necessary to utilize existing materials and construction techniques. I will be available on extension ____ to discuss changes which you feel are other than minor.

14 February 1956 (“Sanitized” Document Located #2)

Memorandum for: Real Estate & Construction Division

Attention: ____________________

Subject: Restricted Areas, 1717 “N” Street NW

Confirming our discussions in regards to subject it is requested that the following areas be designated as secure areas and necessary modifications be made to comply with security regulations.

The area indicated on the master plan reached through room #548

The center office area comprising room #s 522, 526, 530 _xxxxx_ fourth.

Links to original Documents can be found here!

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