Win a Trip to Meet Sadie Robertson In Person – Bring Your Bible!

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Win a Trip to Meet Sadie Robertson In Person – Bring Your Bible!

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Doesn’t it feel like there’s a lot of chaos and spiritual struggle in our nation right now? Sadly, that struggle has seeped into many of our schools. Too often, students just don’t feel safe anymore and walk onto their campus with a cloud of anxiety hanging over them.

What would happen if students nationwide were empowered to walk in those schools with the light of God‘s hope in their hands?

Last year, nearly half a million students did just that — on Bring Your Bible to School Day. With your help raising awareness, this year’s impact could be even greater.

Win a trip to meet Sadie Robertson in person!

Bring Your Bible to School Day is happening on Thursday, Oct 4, 2018. If you share our belief that kids should be empowered to express their faith—and that the Bible has a message of hope that should be celebrated, not banned—then you’ll love this event for students! Sponsored by Focus on the Family, it’s a day when youth across the country celebrate their religious freedom—and are reminded that they are not alone in freely expressing their faith.

sadie robertson bible school day charisma mag

Sign up today for Bring Your Bible to School Day and have a chance to win a trip for four to meet Sadie Robertson—this year’s honorary chair for the event!


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