Getting To Know Cai Irvin, The Leader of ‘Op Mayflower 2018’ – EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW



Getting To Know Cai Irvin, The Leader of ‘Op Mayflower 2018’


Interviewed by Curtis R Bizelli | Watchman of The End Times | Eternal Affairs Media



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C BIZELLI: Hello Mr. Irvin, Thanks for the awesome privilege of granting me this time with you and to answer a few questions I’m sure Op Mayflower followers would love to about “first-hand”. First of all, let’s get past all the BS and lay it right on the table. Tell us about your background, good and bad in a few sentences (anything you’d like the public and your followers to know).

CAI IRVIN: My religious beliefs or lack there of does not dictate my political awareness or love for my fellow patriot, nor does it hinder my fight against elite pedophiles world wide, with that being said, I have established a network world wide for the sole purpose of fighting back a progression that some deem irreversible. A progression that will literally control our minds forever. There is no hidden agenda behind me, my name or anything therein. Im just a fed up patriot parent like the rest of the lot, im just a loud voice on live streams…

C BIZELLI: Operation Mayflower made quite a stir on social media, enough that it caused 80,000 Conservative, Truthful Twitters to be shut down. The Social Media Giants would lead the lamestream public to believe this was to combat “spam” or “trolls”. What do you have to say to Twitter in regards to this as well as The Public?

CAI IRVIN: WE SAW IT COMING, SO WE HIT FIRST!!! Oh, and Jack, you can expect us!

C BIZELLI: Mr. Irvin, What is your primary MISSION and PURPOSE at Op Mayflower 2018?

CAI IRVIN: To destroy  the lie wherever it goes.. To fight an endless battle that sometimes seems uphill both ways. To condition and train the older generation into becoming bad ass anons like the millennial generation. For the love of all thats great, LEARN HOW WE COMMUNICATE.

C BIZELLI: How many members are currently on board The Mayflower?

CAI IRVIN: 2600, with 92 anons

C BIZELLI: What do you enjoy most leading your team into the light?

CAI IRVIN: The fact that they lead me first.

C BIZELLI: I’ve done some research & I see you’re a Musical Artist, when did you start your music career? And what kind of songs do you like to write about?

CAI IRVIN: I am a bard, and I started writing songs at 8 yrs old, a bard is someone who tells stories using music… music is a universal language everyone understands, not everyone can write or speak it, but we all understand it. So a message relayed through music helps anyone understand or relate.

C BIZELLI: What can people expect to come in the future from Op Mayflower? Any future missions planned?

CAI IRVIN: the best thing about mayflower, is that mayflower lives by WWG1WGA to the exact interpretation, fearing not the repercussions of evil men. The wind carries our sails here, the lie is our target.

C BIZELLI:  I like to learn about people’s PASSIONS and WHAT MAKES THEM TICK. You seem to not only be very talented but a skilled leader with great character. What is your #1 WHY in life and what you do?

CAI IRVIN: The Children and their promise of a future, the end.

C BIZELLI: We’re about ready to wrap this up. Just a couple more questions Cai. Do you currently have representation for your music career?

CAI IRVIN: NO. I was Number 3 on the local Charts in Orange County and #24 in Los Angeles. When I wrote a song called “Follow Q” I was banned from google play and iTunes stopped streaming my song “If it feels good” I believe he is fired now. But still, the Bias is there. I have my own label and own distributors. Though I can sell on iTunes and pandora, they will NEVER advertise it..

C BIZELLI: Cai, its been great having you answer our interview questions today. Where can people find YOU ONLINE as well as LEARN MORE ABOUT THE MAYFLOWER?

CAI IRVIN: The mayflower is like Q… Follow Q, youll find mayflower. Those who wish to make change, those who are tired of the same ol dog and pony show will find the mayflower or me.

God bless your success!


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