Attention Plane Travelers: Doing THIS On a Plane Could Kill You!

Attention Plane Travelers: Doing THIS On a Plane Could Kill You!

ATTENTION PLANE TRAVELERS! Very disturbing information has come to my attention from an ex flight attendant!!! Below is word for word what the flight attendant told me!

via Scott L Biddle




“We are trained to tell people to put their heads down while holding their neck during a crash. During an insurance settlement hearing my supervisor admitted to me off record the horrible and sinister truth about why we are taught this procedure! PLACING HEAD DOWN AND HANDS OVER HEAD WILL FORCE THEIR HEADS INTO THE BACK OF THE SEAT IN FRONT…BREAKING THE PASSENGERS NECKS KILLING THEM INSTANTLY! This way the insurance pay outs will not be as high due to those paralyzed or permanently injured and the airline can pay out a fast lump sum death settlement.”

You heard it correctly!! The airline would rather you DIE during a crash then live to tell the story and collect $$$ forever!! HOW SAD IS IT WHEN PROFITS ARE MORE IMPORTANT THEN SAVING LIVES!!!?? The correct way to avoid death during a crash is brace yourself sitting strait upward! I had to share this because it may just save your life or someone you love!

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