Santa Monica, CA Has Their “Right To Life” Priorities BACK-ASSward!


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Santa Monica: Slaughtering Babies While Protecting Trees

via National Pro Life Alliance:

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Pro-abortion politicians have always had strange priorities, but the ones in Santa Monica, California have really redefined “backward.”

Santa Monica is home to abortionist Glenn Edward Miller, an admitted alcoholic who continued to commit abortions while on probation for aborting a baby while drunk.

And for some reason, Glenn Edward Miller maintains a valid license to abort babies.

Yet Santa Monica city officials, while routinely ignoring the slaughter of unborn babies, passed an ordinance in 2013 giving local ecosystems legal status in court, and allowed the city and its residents to file suit on behalf of the ecosystem.

That’s right: they voted to give plants, bugs, birds, and squirrels a legal right to life.

But strangely enough, officials in Santa Monica ignore unborn babies’ right to life.


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